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  1. dood open evidence files should not be a go to especially this late in the season. you should have like other disads. oh and btw elections and politics are great disads.
  2. anybody have nuclear Malthus or something smiliar. I will trade HEAVILY for it.
  3. i dont really want to read the whole thread but can you summarize what basically goes down
  4. click my pic then click send me a message
  5. i have a good agamben k if you want pm me
  6. I vote neg on speed k and i dont like the rvi made in the the 2ar. Also for running an rvi you just lost my respect like seriously man an RVI? come on!
  7. What is the ideal amount of prep to should take for each speech? is it ok to prep during cx and the aff speeches? Just wondering and want some opinions.
  8. would rights malthus work at all for this topic?
  9. i hope this debate actually finishes though, most of these v debates just fizz out and not really finish
  10. it was a joke please dont run anti-blackness on me
  11. should we slaughter those that miss pronounce names?
  12. i know this isn't a k but nuclear malthus lol
  13. psychoanalysis all day, if you run it properly that is...
  14. so can you link that back to lacanian politics and tell me what that is
  15. So anybody have a ospec shell they are willing to share with me?
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