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  1. reading cards in the 1nr is not bad, it is ok to have one or two cards
  2. but but cap is the root cause of everything
  3. Morganfreeman

    Neg Strat

    I gonna be honest and straight forward. RUN speed k you will win every round with it. I have one btw.
  4. i have no idea what yall are taking about inherency take outs are advanced strategies just like RVI's. Inherency take out first then RVI's, those are the top two arguments to run.
  5. any tips for a 8 minute inherancy take out in the 1nc? What do these consist of? I'm being serious.
  6. ya i dont believe in piracy so i will continue with the shitty cards
  7. how hard is it to TOC qual? how much work is needed? Is it doable? anybody have a complete list of all the teams that have qualified this year?
  8. http://is.gd/WVZvnI managed to find a recording, enjoy!
  9. nah i already have a rights malthus that is pretty decked out. plus i got a nuke malthus already
  10. make sure you flow well leading up to the speech and just follow the flows
  11. no, but i did get one so yahh lol
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