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  1. i have good kritiks i am willing to trade. i dont think very many people will just give up kritiks unless they are on open evidence or something. Kritiks usually link to through multiple topics. but if you want to trade then pm me.
  2. i meant white people in kkk yes but you have to draw out that from the cx. say what are terrorist? then say are kkk/non-white-terror-group terroist also?
  3. ya i kinda have to agree also are you allowed to run kritiks in pf? i didnt know that you were
  4. they portray terrorist as muslim but they can also be other races like the kkk?
  5. for cap read zizek, empire maybe?, marx, giroux. those are just some. but start with marx tho. on race wilderson is a good read.
  6. one more If your plan does not pass will global warming happen what is the word count? Judges appreciated also
  7. CX sorrry for the wait Explain common core? Is it like standardized testing? are you like continuing/increasing school funding? Are you promoting school curriculum? do you think schooling should be mandatory? If your plan doesn't pass will their be nuclear war? do you endorse the state? do you support neolib/cap? what is the impact of the second advantage? what is corporate control?
  8. honestly best way to take on kritikal affs is topicality
  9. i have wipeout if you wanna trade for pm me
  10. there will always be teams that have all the coaches, resources, and money. What you have to do is prep and prep as hard as you can. No one team is unbeatable.
  11. umm it is called fear of the bomb k by or chaloupka k. it is a k good for nuke war impacts. also try to get this thread pinned edit maybe add starvakakis on here one more thing chaloupka is american and he has a book called knowing nukes. i dont think he is dead yet
  12. Karl Marx- his philiophys were the general basis for most cap k's. Many philosphers are marxist and believe that capitilism is the the biggest issue ever and we need to switch to a different government where the proletariat or working class is in permanent revolution. This permanent revolution will free the proletariat from the grasp of the middle class. William Chaloupka- Chaloukpa is most famous for his fear of the bomb workings. Those workings say that nuclear war is being politiscexzed and it will never happen. Countries say they will fire the weapon but if they do they know it will lead to extinctiion. Those countries do not want that so nuclear war will not happen. He also continues to say that if nuclear war does continue to happen then everybody will be dead and there will be know one there to care. EDIT for spelling
  13. umm meta data. plus the one i think your refering to is specific to metadata and mass data collection
  14. sorry i meant to say wipeout and i got it.
  15. dood that is not even a website. stop wasting my time
  16. that would be a dick move not giving tags. I personally dont condone not putting tags.
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