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    TFA state is pretty hard, tbh you need to be good at k debating but if your an excellent policy debator you will be fine. The judges are going to pretty good especially since it is in dallas. Dallas has pretty good judges. I think last years winners were law magnet or something.
  2. Morganfreeman

    K affs

    To be honest it depends on the aff. Some affs are built to answer another k better than t so you run t on that aff and also the other way around. Some affs are around a certain subject such as pyshco analysis or queer theory then you would run a specific k against it. Like I said above it it depends on the aff. But usually running T is pretty good.
  3. baudrillard? cut you own disad dont get elections off open ev elections should be easy to cut
  4. Uil is a significantly less competitive than tfa. In south texas though i think it will be pretty similar to tfa. Also it depends a bit on the tournament. If you go to a good tournament the competition will be higher
  5. So if any you have watched mr. robot you know it is about conglomerates and big corporations controlling everything and creating a bit of a false perception. Is there a specific author I can use to read for this type of k? It would be like a corporations k also if anybody has any cards hook me up.
  6. If you plan on doing that you should probably recut the cards because they are usually poorly cut.
  7. Not sure if the current aff you have in mind will work for the whole year but maybe you should write one around the bit and then run with it until inherency doesn't work
  8. read hart and negri empire that's like a really good book
  9. Thanks for that because i get confused when people just say nats because it could be multiple things.
  10. i hear the term nationals thrown around but what exactly do you all mean? TOC? NFL? NSDA? because im pretty sure the competition and qualifications to get to each are different.
  11. People consider cross-x dead because it isn't as lively anymore and that people don't really use it.
  12. better than bernie v trump, but i kinda low-key want trump to win because it would be entertaining.
  13. i dont think budhism k is a good strat, it should be easy to argue. just say that neg wants to win the debate and that is an earthly desire. turns k
  14. i kinda agree with that but it is kinda cool when you have a k based of a movie but matrix k is basically psychoanalysis.
  15. why did you read the fight club k. The thing is FREE on evazon it isnt going to be good.
  16. is the state of kansas small or something? im asking cause i dont know how you can state the best of a state like that. I mean my state you cant
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