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  1. Did we forget about St. Marks..? they're ranked 13th (ahead of LASA and ahead of Kinkaid) and they don't even have any seniors on their team. their one junior just switches off between sophomores and now apparently has 6 bids and won westminster and got to semis of new trier

    . he is a Sophmore the one that switches off. Wilson is.

  2. >Only by acknowledging Ogre lifeforms can we grow onions effectively, plan fails to acknowledge ogres.

    >Onion crisis leads to global starvation which leads to nuke war

    >Alt is to read the script of shrek 2

    that uses a link of omission and those are so damm sketch. Also how is the harambe k is it centered around anthro or something?

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  3. So I listened to the latest HSImpact podcast and they were musing about the topic so far- since its break I thought it would be a good idea to take stock of what's happened so far. some things to talk about:

    has this topic become too big

    why arent people winning topicality (no qpq/qpq, diplomatic engagement interps, etc.)

    favorite aff

    Idk, i feel as if this topic is rich with aff ground; it's pretty neat tbh.

    most abusive/worst aff youve debated or heard of

    DBZ aff- 3 ADVs (three wishes, three ADVs, get it?) are judge gets a million dollars, aff wins the round, and we solve all the worlds problems. The thing that pisses me off the most is that the team that runs it doesn't really disclose stuff.

    favorite neg position

    Probably timecube or disclosure theory, jk.  I really love running t or japan da, but cap k is probably a fav.

    worst/most abusive neg position youve debated or heard of

    definitely qpq good/bad

    what good da's are left other than relations type ones

    Japan and appeasment are actually great, you just have to win the brink debate


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  4. So, one of our teams at Iowa ran into an argument saying we couldn't get rid of nukes because aliens would attack.  Anyone wanna help me out on how to answer this or an argument like it?  I've already gone over the basics of what arguments we MIGHT make, but not in-depth.  Thanks in advance, love you guys.

    post the k please. I can't help you unless i see what it is.

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  5. im new to debating Ks but could this turn into a K?

    wipeout is generally run with util framework, when you run a k it might be framed differently so it may turn ks depending on the K. Also Ks might not generally have a extinction level impact although running wipeout would be great against DAs. Another thing if you want to run wipeout in 2ac you have to make sure that your 1ac does not have any extinction impacts or any impacts where the neg can read a card and it becomes extinction level.


    For the question asked by Andrew just run psychoanalysis or just try to out left them. Definitely read T.

  6. What do i do when i hit a team that is only running case and the argument is extinction good i won the round but it was a struggle and i was hoping someone could tell me some good arguments to make against it

    wait isnt crossing christian the team that runs jesus stuff?

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