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  1. Where talking about two different people, I'm talking about Harris Wilson from st marks
  2. He is a Sophmore I've debated against him
  3. Oh yeah Jp told me about that I hope he gets better
  4. Wait why aren't you going to colleyville
  5. . he is a Sophmore the one that switches off. Wilson is.
  6. lindale dt is pretty versatile as a team. I think green hill ks will win though
  7. Morganfreeman

    OOO lit

    Can someone direct me toward some objected oriented ontology literature? I know there is an open ev file a few years back but I'm looking for some more. Thanks.
  8. that uses a link of omission and those are so damm sketch. Also how is the harambe k is it centered around anthro or something?
  9. get a mac that is refurbished, get parallels to run windows. Word functions better on windows imo, but macs are nice and clean.
  10. make a BIT aff. I've seen BIT affs that are unique and work pretty damm well.
  11. post the k please. I can't help you unless i see what it is.
  12. i mean if you won they should have given you the win, you are only a novice so there is no real implications except a trophy,
  13. i heard unt was pretty dysfunctional last year. Definitely go to utnif, although unt may be cheaper.
  14. sure as long as the alts don't clash
  15. wipeout is generally run with util framework, when you run a k it might be framed differently so it may turn ks depending on the K. Also Ks might not generally have a extinction level impact although running wipeout would be great against DAs. Another thing if you want to run wipeout in 2ac you have to make sure that your 1ac does not have any extinction impacts or any impacts where the neg can read a card and it becomes extinction level. For the question asked by Andrew just run psychoanalysis or just try to out left them. Definitely read T.
  16. wait isnt crossing christian the team that runs jesus stuff?
  17. but human extinction is the only way to solve for the extinction of aliens
  18. im in the dallas area so its ok to run ks and k affs as a novice
  19. he is referring to the guy asking the question
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