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  1. Where talking about two different people, I'm talking about Harris Wilson from st marks
  2. He is a Sophmore I've debated against him
  3. Oh yeah Jp told me about that I hope he gets better
  4. Wait why aren't you going to colleyville
  5. . he is a Sophmore the one that switches off. Wilson is.
  6. lindale dt is pretty versatile as a team. I think green hill ks will win though
  7. Morganfreeman

    OOO lit

    Can someone direct me toward some objected oriented ontology literature? I know there is an open ev file a few years back but I'm looking for some more. Thanks.
  8. that uses a link of omission and those are so damm sketch. Also how is the harambe k is it centered around anthro or something?
  9. get a mac that is refurbished, get parallels to run windows. Word functions better on windows imo, but macs are nice and clean.
  10. make a BIT aff. I've seen BIT affs that are unique and work pretty damm well.
  11. post the k please. I can't help you unless i see what it is.
  12. i mean if you won they should have given you the win, you are only a novice so there is no real implications except a trophy,
  13. i heard unt was pretty dysfunctional last year. Definitely go to utnif, although unt may be cheaper.
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