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  1. not sure about reagan. They didn't seem to do too well(judging from tabroom).
  2. Berkeley or Harvard are favorites. Georgetown is also very up there.
  3. Paradigm: I'm cool with anything, ive dabbled a bit in everything and I should be good as long as warrants are a thing. I also won't read cards and do work for you and will only call for(i guess read in this case) cards if both sides are challenging readings of ev. Tech > truth to a certain extent
  4. Do you think they might have read to prove the abuse story? I know a lot of teams in hs policy that read disads like China against k affs just to cross apply the no link to prove fairness etc.
  5. Oh out of curiosity what's wrong with reading the Japan da in that round?
  6. I heard westwood had a fresh team(just checked, they went 3-3) but i heard that they just got carried to the tfa qual.
  7. the team that can beat peninsula tw on lbl bad
  8. Biggest upset of the tournament was when Jesuit somehow managed to beat Kinkaid, they were one of the favorites to win the tourney along with lindale and lasa.
  9. Oh damm I didnt know that. maybe they are soph debaters i guess?
  10. Hendrickson GS LASA BV LASA BK There are a few not bad westwood sophmore teams, Westwood had an absurd number of qualled tfa teams. Kinkaid HK(not sure if they are soph are juniors)
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