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  1. There are a couple ways to frame a link Pan argues that in any instance there is a power dynamic between the U.S. and China, it is a product of Western desires, which are to fear China. That works for the China fear paradigm. Another way to link econ affs is through Pan's China opportunity paradigm, where he argues a subset is economic opportunity. I posted a link I've cut, there are plenty of others in Pan's 2012 book, but I have not typed those up yet because I only have a paper copy. Hope that helps! econ link.docx
  2. The same thing happened to me when I tried. Pm if your interested in trading!
  3. Does anybody know whether it would be worthwhile to go to camp? I've gone to camp for policy and have spent two years debating in varsity policy, and I've been successful. I can do analysis and impact calc, pretty much all the things I've heard are basics in PF.
  4. How would you make a Pan aff? (just in case everyone has seen my other posts my schools probably still ending policy but I'm prepping for next year just in case)
  5. So, I will probably (still not for sure) have to switch to LD or PF next year, after two years of policy. I am thinking I would do PF because I live in an extremely traditional circuit (policy is pretty much in the middle, but PF and LD are super traditional) and I'm not sure I'd enjoy traditional LD as much. Does anyone have tips on how to use what I've learned from policy to help me in PF? I have had some experience with Ks, not really high theory though, but I'm not sure if there is a way to use that? Also, I was planning on attending camp this year, three weeks at Michigan University, what are the best PF camps? I was looking at them and the majority are 1-3 weeks, so I would prefer two or three weeks. Also, what lab would I sign up for? Advanced or beginner- since I plan on spending lots of time before camp learning the basics. Thanks!
  6. Around two of the bigger local tournaments (that our speech team goes to) do have all events. Apparently the expense is us going to other tournaments, often still within the state, even if our parents drive, and we all pay for our own costs. Today we were told this creates a "lack of unity" between the speech and debate team so that is why policy is being ended. Thank you for your support.
  7. Thank you, we'll add that to our presentation. At our school, policy is a club and a teacher has offered to continue the club, as well as us pay our of pocket, but the school said no because we would have less "unity" between our speech and debate teams.
  8. For anyone who wants to help further, pm me for more information. I just do not want to upset my school in anyway. Thank your for all your help and support!
  9. The head coach of our speech and debate team says we cannot do that, at least in our Ohio debate league, but we have emailed them to see what we are allowed to do. We could still probably go to the couple national circuit tournaments we have traditionally gone to (and will expand if we can fundraise for money, since the school has always rejected that).
  10. I am not making it up or exaggerating unfortunately. They are forcing us to quit policy, as of now, but we are still trying to get the team back. They have not said no to signing us off as an individual team, but they have not said that cannot be something they can agree to yet.
  11. You are so kind thank you! If you would like to email my school, we have had every school in our state email our principle in protest. He responded to a couple of them.
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