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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone on here has tried DDC? How was it like? Did it help? I'm already attending Dartmouth's 4-week institute in the summer, but I was wondering if I would be able to learn more by attending DDC as well? (especially because I'm more of a kritikal debater)
  2. Hey, I'm a local circuit debater, with plans to transition into the National Circuit next year. Given that I have experience only on a local level, and coming from a limited funded team with no coach, I need to learn a lot on research and strategies. I am pretty successful locally, however I learned most of what I know from my captain, who's graduating and is leaving this year. She's mostly a K/Narrative debater, and I have slowly become that as well. I love Ks and most of my past 2nrs have been on it, and I've run mostly K/Narrative affs (with the exception of a few soft policy "We demand" affs), but I guess I'm open to learning more of policy as well. Given this, I was wondering which lab would be best fit for me? Shree Asware/Tracy McFarland Chris Crowe/John Turner Jyleesa Hampton/Lindsey Shook Sean Kennedy/Dylan Quigley Mikaela Malsin/Ken Strange
  3. What exactly does this mean? "Negation theory bad – justifies affirmation theory so that we can just find a harm in the status quo and vote aff on presumption."
  4. What does this double bind mean? They read the 1AC and nothing has changed, this empirically denies their solvency. Double Bind — either the harms are the 1ac are true and they cannot solve for their impacts before they control the levers of power OR their harms are constructed for the purpose of alarmism which means you can vote negative on principle. The affirmative relegates the question of the actor to a place of fiction – their understanding of debate is reflective of a Socratic notion of de-subjectification that makes life-affirmation impossibleAntonio 95 (Robert, July 1995, "Nietzsche's antisociology: Subjectified Culture and the End of History", American Journal of Sociology, Volume 101, No. 1) AMM
  5. What point was the neg trying to make when they referenced to filipinos in the 1AC cross ex?
  6. Hey, I would appreciate any criticism/feedback on the 1ac below. I've only ran it at two rounds at a local tourney so far against teams that didn't have all that much experience (i've only hit T, FW, a novice level DA and two CPs), so I don't know how it would hold up against a good team. The link is down here: Thank you! Also, I'm curious to know what your neg strat would be against it. Any Ks/DAs/CPs you think I should prep against? Or do you think I should just disregard this aff entirely and run something else?
  7. Hey, I was looking through some affs and I found this one below from Rowland Hall (labeled as "Baurdrillard" Aff in the first link and "Cult of Surveillance" Aff in the second one). I was wondering if someone could explain how this type of aff works? For example, What is double fiat? What exactly are their impacts? What do they solve for and how exactly do they solve? what off case positions would this type of aff come across? What would their framework be? http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Rowland+Hall/Gordon-Lessnick+Aff (named Baudrillard Aff) http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Rowland+Hall/Lessnick-Lemons+Aff (named Cult of Surveillance Aff) Thank you!!
  8. From what I've understood, the difference between "We demand" plans and normal ones is that if you say "The USFG should..", you're roleplaying the USFG, and you're trying to pretend like you're the actual policymaker that wants the plan to get passed. If you say "My partner and I demand that the USFG curtail..", you're not roleplaying the USFG but rather standing as activists that demand for state action. Most of the time, people who run "We demand" plans do so because theyre trying to endorse the type of politics they are creating rather than the actual plan itself, and go for in round solvency instead of fiat.
  9. In that case, how would we answer counterplans if for whatever reason they do end up running it against our "demand" plan?
  10. lol we're actually doing a "my partner and i" one
  11. I'm planning to run an aff with a "We demand the USFG should.." and I was wondering if anyone had cards for solvency, framework and T for it? Willing to trade!
  12. can you run cps against plans that say "my partner and i demand that the USFG should.."?
  13. renaes

    Neg Strat

    could you maybe give me the link to wake forest and other college wikis? i can't find them, sorry.
  14. renaes

    Neg Strat

    I've heard about the speed K but I honestly thought people were joking hahahaha. out of curiosity, is it okay if you could send it to me? haha
  15. renaes

    Neg Strat

    Hey, I'm new to varsity, and I would appreciate any suggestions for neg strats against the following affs: - Biopower - Anti-blackness/ Black Insurgency - Racial Profiling Thank you!!
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