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  1. aprasad202

    DnG on neg

    sorry to necro this but does anyone have any introductory stuff/secondary sources for DnG specifically about nomadology, faciality, and BwO
  2. aprasad202

    Advantage CP

    do you read one cp that solves all advantages or read a cp for each advantage and if its the second do you go for all the cps you read in the 2nr?
  3. aprasad202

    Reduce = Eliminate

    maybe regulations are specific laws while regulation is used to be a more general term
  4. aprasad202

    NDT predictions

    are both hemanth and ayush seniors or just hemanth?
  5. aprasad202

    NDT predictions

    any live stream?
  6. aprasad202

    NDT predictions

    Wake AW? I thought it was AD?
  7. aprasad202

    Best K debater of all time

    That's probably subjective but to me its Harvard BS
  8. aprasad202

    Making an aff

    https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/University+of+Chicago+Lab/Hellie-Unni+Aff 06– Urban Debate Leagues to help start your search Edit*: Although I feel like finding a fed key warrant will be very difficult so you should find that before you cut your advantages to make sure the aff is a viable option
  9. aprasad202

    Citing a Bill

    If your cutting a specific section of a bill, how would you cite the bill
  10. aprasad202

    Explaining Links

    If your wondering about like general structure of the link these are the parts of the link contextualization I was taught 1. A short name for the link usually has to do with the link IE assimilationism DA or cruel optimism DA 2. The general sort of logic that your link critiques: for example if you are reading antiblackness it could be something like the united states federal government creates policies in order to make black folk have hope in the political in order to sustain antiblack violence or something 3. How does the affirmative specifically use this logic 4. An impact to the link 5. How this impact/link turns the aff 6. How the alternative resolves the link Ideally you should have around 3 links that are well structured like this
  11. aprasad202

    DnG on neg

    Ok great so I'm starting 1000 Plateaus but I'm wondering if 1.Do i need to read the whole thing because Ik most of the debate args from DnG come from like nomadology, faciality, BwO, and rhizomes or 2.if there are easier secondary works to read of DnG
  12. aprasad202

    DnG on neg

    Ik people read DnG against identity affs with like faciality assemblages and lines of flight, but why dont more people read DnG on neg against policy affs it seems like rhizomatic thought would be pretty good against curriculum affs and nomadology could b strategic against heg affs etc altho I have just started DnG so im could be wrong
  13. aprasad202

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    DACA if its still inherent by then
  14. aprasad202

    Daily Card

    This might be what your looking for not too sure though: (Zachary Casey, Research Assistant with the Writing Enriched Curriculum Project – University of Minnesota, "Toward a Reconceptualization of Needs in Classrooms: Baudrillard, Critical Pedagogy, and Schooling in The United States", Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies 9(2)) Edit: forgot to quote
  15. i included mcgowan bc the channeling the death drive alt is pretty popular and comes from his book. Seshadri crooks is just a really good article to read and cut links to race affs