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  1. But how would I perform it in the debate space? I know that in the case of Centennial KK they read a narrative at the beginning of the round and used it as their in-round performance of the alt. I've been in advocacy groups that lobby for causes like criminal justice reform but the utter lack of bills is insane, do you think a narrative based around the lack of reform could be used to show that revolutionary suicide is the only option?
  2. Sorry for making this two posts. But another question I have is how would I perform "Revolutionary Suicide" other than just reading it.
  3. Did this come in the form of an alt, if so do you know where I could find a card for that alt? I know this is essentially the same thing that Centennial KK did in 2014 by running consciezation. Additionally what is the difference between political masochism (which was what I wanted my alt to be since I am definitely white passing) and revolutionary suicide?
  4. That is true. I do feel bad for rendering the conversation to this. If discussion over identity was not in debate, I wouldn't have asked this question since I would be able to run it at that point. But since it is an aspect of debate, I want to do a very thorough job of prepping for it.
  5. I understand that blackened bodies are structurally oppressed and black bodies are ontologically oppressed. I am Palestinian not white (I look white though). My question is if it is a contradiction to run afropess as a blackened body?
  6. Under a Wildersonian interpretation, is there anyway for a white person to reduce himself to "blackened" in some way. The card that you cut above made the point that it should never be expected of white people to engage in good intentioned revolution, does that mean that is always the case? Additionally do you think that if one was blackened they could run afropessimism without performatively contradicting their advocacy? Would it be a good idea to perhaps say that I am not advocating for afropessimism but believe we need to discuss it? I remember hearing that during an RFD of an LD round but am unsure.
  7. As a white person running wilderson (I could argue that I'm a blackened body since I'm Palestinian, however if we assume that I am solely white), how would I engage in what wilderson calls "political masochism" within the round? Could I do it with a narrative, at the beginning of my speech? For all those wondering, this question is based off of this card: Wilderson 8 (Frank, “Biko and the Problematic of Presence,” in Biko Lives!: Contesting the Legacies of Steve Biko, p. 102) Even if these White radicals had been persuaded by Biko and Black Consciousness that the essential nature of the antagonism was not capitalism but anti-Blackness (and no doubt some had been persuaded), they could not have been persuaded to organize in a politically masochistic manner; that is, against the concreteness of their own communities, their own families, and themselves, rather than against the abstraction of “the system”—the targetless nomenclature preferred by the UDF. Political masochism would indeed be ethical but would also bring them to the brink of the abyss of their own subjectivity. They would be embarking upon a political journey the trajectory of which would not simply hold out the promise of obliterating class relations and establishing an egalitarian socius (what less articulate and more starry-eyed White activists in the United States refer to as “vision”), but they would be embarking upon a journey whose trajectory Frantz Fanon called “the end of the world.”22 The “new” world that class-based political “vision” is predicated on (i.e., the dictatorship of the proletariat) isn’t new in the sense that it ushers in an unimaginable episteme; it is really no more than a reorganization of Modernity’s own instruments of knowledge. But a world without race, more precisely, a world without Blackness, is truly unimaginable. Such a world cannot be accomplished with a blueprint of what is to come on the other side. It must be undone because, as Biko, Fanon, and others have intimated, it is unethical, but it cannot be refashioned in the mind prior to its undoing. A political project such as this, whereby the only certainty is uncertainty and a loss of all of one’s coordinates, is not the kind of political project Whites could be expected to meditate on, agitate for, theorize, or finance. And though it might not be the kind of project that Blacks would consciously support, it is the essence of the psychic and material location of where Blacks are. Caught between a shameful return to liberalism and a terrifying encounter with the abyss of Black “life”— caught, that is, between liberalism and death—some White activists took up the banner of socialism, others espoused a vague but vociferous anti-apartheidism, and most simply worked aimlessly yet tirelessly to fortify and extend the interlocutory life of “the ANC’s long-standing policy of deferring consideration of working class interests . . . until after national liberation had been achieved.”23
  8. Hypothetically then, would it be okay to run it as an Anti-Blackness K? And do you recommend any specific lit/authors regarding the groups I mentioned? Thank you so much for the help.
  9. I'm trying to come up with a K that links afropessimism theory to a few oppressed groups regarding the new topic. I was thinking Palestinians, Tibetans, and Uyghurs. I am new to running critical race theory but know the fundamentals decently well, but was wondering if 1. This is a good idea (is there enough lit regarding these links? If so, which authors do you recommend, and 2. How should I go about doing this?
  10. Okay, cool. I think the ideas of sadomasochistic sex were most definitely entertained by Foucault especially when it came to the general idea of it, as referred to within the article. But I do highly doubt that Foucault "got off on giving people AIDS", as the article says itself, we aren't even sure if Foucault knew whether or not he had AIDS, at the same time, like you, I can't come to grips with the notion that one of my favorite philosophers purposefully transmitted AIDS to others. In the end, it doesn't really matter, all of this is speculation, and the fact of the matter is that the ideas he created were revolutionary and he deserves to be canonized.
  11. Interesting article altogether. Which specific section were you skeptical about?
  12. Oh sorry if I wasn't clear, I meant that it would be a really solid response to point out the hypocrisy enatailed when an aff team goes for a time frame perm against a kritik that is completely contrary to their narriative within a 1ac.
  13. I understand that perms generally have to deal with severance of links, I don't want anyone to essentially say "we agree with the issue, but we should deal with it after this plan is passed, the judge should vote in favor of (the kritik) in every round after this". I want cards similar to the ones spurlock said cause I want to have good warrants when I point out the hypocrisy and the danger of thinking the same way the aff does. Also I'm not cheating, those speeches were from 2013 and I'm asking if anyone would be kind enough to provide specific cards against perms and kritiks similar to those referenced by spurlock. My speech and debate team's (even though top 3 in the country) policy team has had little exposure to kritiks and I want to change that and develop good responses, after watching spurlock's speeches, I thought they bolstered extremely effective arguments.
  14. I'm looking for solid evidence to be used when I encounter permutations while running kritiks on the neg. I'm looking for evidence similar to the one said here at 2:29, when spurlock goes into talking about how the 1AC invites ad hoc rationalization: Also, do any of you think that would be good evidence against an attempt to perm a kritik, and are there any better ways to deal with them? In regards to the evidence showing that role-playing as politicians is good, I want to be able to show that utilizing bureaucratic language is the only way to effectively challenge inequality. Anything similar to 4:25-5:00 and 5:43 in this vid: is muy bien.
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