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  1. Hey Heidagger is a really good K I need ASAP- if someoen could PM w one/ help me block out against certain prep it would deff help me out a ton
  2. What is the Heideggar (i have heard of this) and the human rights PIC?
  3. What is a good neg strat against a nano aff? I heard something about heidaggar?
  4. What about the generic response that it is a starting point and is crucial for policy makers
  5. sos whats the guam aff- how do I respond to it?
  6. sos whats the guam aff- how do I respond to it?
  7. So the alt is what then exactly? Can you elaborate on this- I think its clicking
  8. Is there a non-lacantian pyscho k? And if I use zizke- do I leave out his psycho arguments and focus in on his cap arguments? Im just a tad confused on how pyscho specfiicsly links into cap...wouldnt they just make a root cause turn to cap?
  9. That really helped me understand it, thanks! The Zizek argument seems to be a functional turn to a generic psycho k right? He says we shouldnt revolt, but rather give in
  10. Someone told me that there was a Deluze psycho K....is that a thing- or am i mistaken?
  11. Can you explain what Psychoanalysis is? I heard its like we have underlying subconscious influences that mean we can never actualy do anything? But, I also remember a psychology professor dismissing it as "false." I have no idea what is is exaxtly, espeically in terms of engagment with china
  12. What are some good responses to a K aff- in specific, a psychoanalysis k aff (ive never even seen this K)
  13. does anyone have the Torvalds/Linux or antonio* cards on disclosure- or anyhting else
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