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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone still has the files that make up Debate OS, despite the website going down? I would love to try it out, and if you could include installation instructions that would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Okay so I was wondering if there are any good computer programs out there that can be used for flowing on the computer? Something that I can use quickly and will keep the arguments easy to get to and organized
  3. Hello all, so I am very busy this summer, but I need to find a debate camp that I can put in. Ideally it would be one that is one to two weeks but it needs to start and end in June. I live in Oregon, although if there is a debate camp in Washington or maybe California that could work. Thanks
  4. Pretty self explanatory, I know that everybody when running a K says that they don't need uniqueness but I was wondering what the justification is for it. That way I can argue it in round on both sides.
  5. Hey y'all so I'm doing a report on Nietzsche in my debate class and I need a segment on explaining how to debate it as the Aff. Any suggestions as arguments against a Nietzsche suffering K?
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