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  1. The twitter debate community is already organizing one! Of course, this doesn't mean you couldn't put one on as well, but if you would like to combine efforts, we still need help organizing and planning! If interested, contact us at twittertoc@gmail.com!
  2. Hello! My name is Daxon, and I am a co-admin for @things4debaters. A few other debate Twitter accounts and I have gotten together and started the process of planning and organizing an online tournament. We're calling it "Twitter Tournament of Champions," mostly just because that's where we all know each other, but make no mistake, it is open to all! I won't dwell on to many details, because you can read the rules and regulations yourself. We have opened up registration forms for debaters and judges, and a public release of the official rules. We would love for y'all to join us, and to have cross-x.com's support for the tournament. It is open to debaters all around the nation, and we hope it is a fun, educational experience that could even get you a little bit of prep and practice for Nats! Twitter handle: @summerTTOC Debater Registration- https://drive.google.com/open?id=13lGt-iiTVYVKi5JGYPjPmywc9hiZXHwUnrwJJSLIsgw Judge Registration- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rf30C2EM0K8OhqAblVCeGblC1sGWduY66bKqMVCBIkc Rules- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a4HFJ0nchR-qx2yW776-9i0qihfvW01dJs57NYeiLJo
  3. Just qualified to state in Oklahoma. 4A, so K selection is pretty basic, and even then, most teams don't run/know how to answer K's. However, at state, I am going to get judges who love and are well versed in K's, K theory, etc.. As such, I have a variety of easy tricks and ways to pick up rounds. The main one I do now is a basic floating anthro PIK. Every team drops the PIK, and it's an easy round. However, I want to add some variety; what are some other good K's that work as PIKs, and more specifically, can easily be converted into a sneaky floating PIK? I have framework prepped for floating PIKs, so the theory and stuff isn't a problem. Basic K's that I can easily find some literature for the floating alts.
  4. Ableism. There will be all sorts of meta arguments about debate floating around, too. But definitely, ableism.
  5. Don't. Seriously. I won't say it's on par with racism or patriarchy good, because tbh, it's not, but it's the principle.
  6. 1) I just read global warming with a ton of case/advantage turns. 2) Answer it. RIMAL is easier to win. Of course, this is situational, because if their only advantage is economy, concede it and just rek. 3) I don't read transition as an advocacy. I read transition or dedev is coming; simplified, I read it as uniqueness, and that the off prevents the transition to either dedev society or authoritarianism, depending on which of my two versions I am reading. 4) Free trade -> more access -> more consumption??? maybe???
  7. I am looking for pro-nihilism files; alts, solvency for impacts, etc.. I just recently greatly expanded my kritik files, but I have pretty much any impact files, etc. I also have a really interesting aff, every article Giroux wrote in 2016, etc.. I am willing to trade pretty much anything, so just hmu with what you want and we can discuss!
  8. So, about a week ago, I was writing writing a certain argument. While doing so, and thinking about routes to take the strat and round down, I stumbled upon this... "idea" or "concept," for lack of a better term. I don't want to go into the details in a public setting like this, which leads to me to the necessitated help. I am a traditional circuit debater in Oklahoma who has taught myself everything. I've never hired a coach, had a real debate coach, everything I have learned is self-taught through trial and error over the last 3 years. Meaning, when dealing with things like theory, I could very well be looking over something simple... But I don't think I am. I think I've stumbled upon something that could change the way we look at debate and debate theory when it comes to certain aspects. However, I would like to run it by theory experts/people who know more than me. But, since I think this is possibly such a big deal, I don't want to just give the idea away. As such, does anyone know certain rules/regulations/laws about intellectual property? Or ideas that don't have "patents?" I am literally at a loss at this part. Furthermore, if there is some sort of protection from someone taking my idea to a journal or something, does anyone know of any high-level coaches/former debaters/etc. who could help me and tell me if I am just being stupid and it has no relevance, or if this is something I should take to the next level (getting published and so on). Thanks, y'all!
  9. Can someone go more indepth into K Tricks??
  10. I need links for this DA; generic, specific, idc. That's all I am really looking for, but if you have some spectacular version/overhaul for the DA, we can talk. PM with what you'd want to trade for.
  11. Isn't that a new argument in the rebuttal?
  12. Okay, I know it is really common, but I have come to learn that my Rights Malthus file is relatively weak compared to some others on here, and I absolutely adore the argument, so I want to strengthen/revamp my file. I want a pretty decked out complete file. Just PM me and we can make a deal.
  13. I'm looking to overhaul the vaccination disad from open evidence. I like the entire concept of it, but as all camp files do, it needs some major editing, revamping, and even some new routes. So that leads into this post... Does anybody already have an "overhauled" version? (more links, maybe new impacts? That's all I am really looking to change.) If not, what are some good routes to go on with the impacts? I am from a really small school, so I can't offer much, but I will definitely do my best.
  14. I have a good Hillary Good-PLTX Disad with a lot of extensions, and the impact scenario is really interchangeable with any impacts you might already have. I'll take any decent home written disad, and I am willing to edit the deal (add on, take something else in return, etc.) to make it work.
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