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  1. So the plan text is pretty much the same as the one from open evidence. It's that the USFG should end the use of non-Market Status methodology in anti-dumping calculations on the PRC. Idk if that would make a difference in what u suggested to run, though.
  2. Hey so how would you go about attacking the Market Economy Status Aff? Any specific DA's or T args that work the best?
  3. Hey guys, so this one team in our district runs this Drug dogs aff, and there's literally nothing on Open Evidence for it. Do you guys know what you would run against it? If you can plz respond to this saying what. THX! 1AC - Drug Dogs - Ladue - Lay.docx 1AC - Drug Dogs - Ladue - Speed.docx
  4. How are you supposed to read that as a 1AC. Sry if that's like a noobish question but I'm kinda new to K debates lol
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