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  1. 3-0 McDonogh Peninsula was ok but ultimately it leaned pretty heavily neg to McDonogh - I think the K strategy included some new nuances especially in framing (making the debate a question of metaphysics and antiethical framing) that caught peninsula off-guard, especially the two rebuttals were not very good on their side
  2. Thank you so much! this is a huge service to the debate community and accessible argumentation. Props to you
  3. you can have my first born child
  4. I'll be doing nat circuit LD next year; does anyone have any tips on what the transition is like, what I should be researching/studying/practicing between now and next season, weird things I should be expecting, etc. I will probably go to LD camp this summer, btw.
  5. the high theory stuff on this topic esp. baudrillard, don't get me wrong i appreciate his scholarship but it was rehashed over and over again on this topic - expo/olympics - we endorse Rivercrab - "when i speak of time the fact that it is not yet"/"meaning, we don't defend it" or some other incoherent bs - the random combinations of words for argument titles on wikis, including but not limited to "ontological/metaphysical/subjectivity/unintelligibility/transparency/psychic/managerial/pathologization/dissuasive/singularity/etc." with no apparent concern to actual meaning - nordin 12 - we implode debate by reading a poem, etc. i understand this will definitely get worse on next year's topic
  6. Dndjcmds

    debate cliches

    "begs the question" "it's a question of x"
  7. depends on the instance. for a da, i usually put more defense, because offense can be turned by a good neg block and puts a lot of pressure on the 1ar. ideally, you want to put defense on every part of the da (uq, link, i/l, impact) and then turn ONLY one of the link, i/l or impact to avoid double turning yourself. of course offense wins debates, but remember you still have an aff to weigh if you can mitigate a lot of the da it's a lot more up in the air on K's - the offense you put on the k usually ends up relating to the aff - ie framework is offense allowing you to weigh the aff but also usually defense to the k method. if you win framework you have auto-offense that allows you to win given strong defense on links/tricks.
  8. emory gk 2-1 michigan state rw kansas dr 2-1 georgetown kl!!
  9. I have Berkeley MS vs Harvard MS in the finals. Georgetown KL, Wake AS, and Berkeley GW will also run deep, and possible dark horses are Kentucky BT, Emory FL, and Kansas HW.
  10. finals is Rutgers NM vs UMKC AT
  11. I'm pretty sure Hendrickson GS are freshmen actually.
  12. Thanks for the response I'm still sort of confused on this point - even if civil society is based off of gratuitious violence, life has definitely gotten better for black people post-slavery and post-Jim Crow because of incremental change. Yes, black people are being killed in the streets every day, but this doesn't seem to reach the level of violence created through slavery. Or is it question of never achieving complete solvency through the political system and that reforms only serve to invest black people into hopeless politics?
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