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  1. What's straight turning? I was Aff once and the judge told me it was smart that I "straight turned the opponents arg" but I didn't/don't know what it meant!
  2. Your right Luhan. It's a troll account. I watched (during elims especially Semis and Finals when you had to go). Did I tell you that he won state with a 7 - 0 vote in finals?
  3. Besides, why would somebody make a troll account before he even won the TOC?
  4. No, I know the guy and this is something that he would say...
  6. I've got a nice University K...PM me...
  7. I'm relatively new to debate and want to know what Lit I should and need to be reading. (i.e: stuff that other people will run against me and stuff that I should just generally know).
  8. I also had a question. How much financial aid is too much?
  9. When 2N and you believe you gave a good speech: This debate is over, vote Neg. When 2A: Thus I conclude this debate, Vote Aff.
  10. Sorry, we don't have open. But we do have Junior Varsity and Varsity. Is Open like JV?
  11. Overall: 1. Why should the Negative win this debate? What must the Aff prove to the Neg/Judge to win in your standards? 1st Off: 1. What is your definition of action and of surveillance? 2. You stated, "Voter's for prima faice burdens". Explain please. 3. What is your definition of enforcement surveillance? Second Off: 1. What is Baudrillards understanding of representations? 2. Why won't we win on the perm? 3. What does the Alt do? 4. What is the "lost meaning" refered to in your first Baudrillard ’76 evidence and why can't we attempt to solve it? 5.What is the status of the Off? 6. Can you explain the Off in your own words? Case: 1. Why are legal immigrants being denied of healthcare? 2. Why can't healthcare solve for the specific pandemics such as immigrants being infected from a curable disease? 3. How do you plan on solving for immigrants that are infected and infect others because of the lack of healthcare? 4. But since nano tech has the potential of causing mass impacts shouldn't we address it? 5. Is maintaining a system of perfect balance and control bad? 6. What is the link for retributivism to occur? Follow ups may occur...
  12. No, framework is an AWESOME idea! Although, I live in an area where framework has been lost and very few debaters run it, and even fewer judges are on top of framework. Thus, I wanted to see if anyone has theory args on making the opposition sounding racist. Although... even fewer judges vote on theory...
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