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  1. Bruh we both debated this guy at state, he's pretty chill. Obviously a troll account.
  2. Taehyung

    Reps Kritik?

    So from my understanding, when the Aff describes terrorists, they describe them as Muslims?
  3. Taehyung

    Reps Kritik?

    Terrorism Reps K is one I'm trying to look into right now.
  4. Taehyung

    Reps Kritik?

    How do Reps K arguments work? I've seen things like Terror Talk, Terrorist Rhetoric, Terrorist Reps, but I've never really understood how they work.
  5. Damn. The remnants of this debate round turned into ... I don't even know.
  6. About the rather large word limit, if you'd like me to remove the K from the 1NC, I'd be okay with that. I'll answer CX once y'all tell me if you want me to change the 1NC or leave it as it is.
  7. Oops. If you'd like, I can kick out of the K. CX answers will be up shortly.
  8. Document stats isn't working, couldn't get the word count. This is going to be a fun, fun round. 1NC Preciado Aff.docx
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