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  1. Don't mean to speak for anyone but I really hope that all the comments and shade thrown in this thread don't discourage the two debaters and any potential debaters from participating in vdebates in the future. Participation in this form of vdebate requires a lot of time and dedication and I hope both of you have learned something and become better debaters as a result of this one.
  2. Order is Midterms, College, CP, Framing Page. 2NR v vman.docx I can't reciprocate 2ar word count so pls keep it below 1650. Thanks vman, I really enjoyed my first vdebate!
  3. wait lol the judges were forced to read the speech docs and cards. whyd yall repost them
  4. yo this is 3871 words - that's longer than the 2NC. I'd rather have a small 2NR without too much LBL so can you just shorten it?
  5. why are yall both trying to generate offense based on what the judge personally thinks about your shell..
  6. Sorry about that - the CP requires all states to pass California SB54 which Prohibits state and local law enforcement from holding illegal aliens on the basis of federal immigration detainers, or transferring them into federal custody, unless they’ve been convicted in the last 15 years for one of a list of 31 crimes, or are a registered sex offender: if not, they may only be held with a warrant from a federal judge Prohibits state and local law enforcement from asking anyone about their immigration status Prohibits state and local law enforcement from sharing any information with federal immigration authorities that is not available to the general public Prohibits state and local law enforcement from using any of their money or personnel to “investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes” Prohibits state and local law enforcement from allowing federal immigration authorities to use space in their facilities Limits how and when state and local law enforcement can contract with federal immigration authorities Grants discretion to state and local law enforcement to cooperate even less with federal immigration authorities than the bill authorizes them to, but not more
  7. Here's the 2NC: T, courts DA, college DA, midterms DA, sanctuary state CP. Good for CX but the 1NR will take a couple days to write as I'm really busy this next week. I definitely won't forfeit the vdebate or anything, I'll just be slow. 2NC.docx
  8. just to clarify: dispo on the condition that i cant kick if you read offense solves the condo offense? are condo, solvency advocate, and 50 state fiat bad the only theoretical offense out of the 2ac?
  9. My count says the 2ac was 3091 words so ima reciprocate in the 2nc. Lemme know if my count was wrong case: if dehumanization is so bad, whyd you read an extinction impact in the 1ac? k: whats the perm look like? cp: if neg condo is bad, why is 2ac pivot and you kicking the soft power adv as a no risk option not also bad? If I said status was dispo, how would that have changed the 2ac? Courts da: Im really confused about the process for gaining citizenship. Batara says there could be a 3-5 year waiting period just for an interview and then a 6 year waiting period after that. Can you clarify how long the entire process takes? Miller 6 is only about the supreme court not checking back exec power. Why does this mean lower courts aren’t key to check back exec?\ College da: What specifically about camarota’s study is biased? I understand you think cis itself is biased but why does that invalidate every study they publish? Does ulfelder 16 give a logical warrant for why inequality wouldn’t cause conflict or is it just like saying the data comparing them usually sucks? I don’t understand ur argument about the dream act actually saving the fed government money because the literally the first page of the cbo study says “CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that enacting S. 1615 would increase direct spending by $26.8 billion over the 2018-2027 period. Over that same period, CBO and JCT estimate that the bill would increase revenues, on net, by $0.9 billion—a decline in on-budget revenues of $4.3 billion and an increase in offbudget revenues of $5.3 billion.” Which is it? midterms da: if national polling averages are unreliable, what kind of polling is reliable? what kind of polling is salvanto based on? re 6/7 says even "hard right" Republicans are willing to pass the DREAM act as a compromise. why doesnt this mean the aff isnt inherent?
  10. i was using the joni account for anonymity since some ppl know i'm on this account irl but its whatever i'll just use this cuz i keep accidently posting on this account. heres 1nc. open for cx. 1NC v vman.docx
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