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  1. Hey Im sorry Lawson for all the confusion with the word count, im not trying to cheat or gain an edge in anyway, i definitely could've trimmed it down I was just being stubborn about the strat. I guess Im legit am confused on what is constituted in the word count - I included a copy of a doc that is the 1nc sans the unhighlighted portions of cards and author quals and I have it at 2,487 if you guys can take a look and tell me what's up. Even so, I deserve the L for making this complicated af and putting everyone through hell. my copy of word isn't verified so verbatim wont work thus i can only edit docs on word online. Anyway, i'm seriously sorry for messing all this up, hope yall understand. 1nc only highlights - tags - authors - analytics.docx
  2. its like 2500, i made a copy with the unhighlighted parts taken out, its just the tags, highlighting, authors and analytics if you want it.
  3. Okay 1nc should be set now word count is roughly 2400 1nc VDebate Tourney Round 1 v Lawson.docx
  4. sorry for the delay, here's the 1nc. Word count may be over, i couldn't get stat to work in verbatim so if someone could double check that would be appreciated. Open for cross-x if it's legit 1nc VDebate Tourney Round 1.docx
  5. Quick follow ups: - what is your mechanism for solvency? You mention above that the aff changes curriculums in school, but you read an advocacy not a plan text, who enacts the plan? - what distinction from the status quo does learning things through the queer affect do in school? Edit: I can’t spell:(
  6. Cross -x - what does leaving every child behind do as far as material change for children with special needs or minorities? - Is leaving every child behind simply refer to curriculum based education or other facets of schooling? - What does crip/queer content look like in practice in schools? - Without an actual overthrough of the bio capitalism system, how do you sustain solvency? The Fristch 17 evidence makes a point of saying under this system a mechanism of inclusion reinforces itself, how does the 1ac over come that? - What does schooling look like post 1ac, or do you gain solvency simply via speech acts? - On your role of the ballot - Research as production requires us to engage with the world, not distance ourselves from it - Russo Ev- how does a judge becoming an Academic specifically in a debate round have any weight in the real world, which is the ultimate point of the ev? - What does “evaluating policy as an ecology” look like in practice? - Your Wilson 17 evidence highlights that students are motivated and learn in different ways, how does adopting a universal curriculum take this into account and still allow for children to succeed in schools? - Is the terminal impact to the aff just structural violence? - How does the aff go about changing educational structures that exist outside of normative schooling like adult education centers or people who have graduated?
  7. I don't know if you could truly call them Pomo debaters, they don't go for high theory stuff that often. I hit them at Blake and they went for T-USFG, and on their wiki they go for every K under the sun.
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