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  1. Who do you think it is? My pick is payton lm
  2. I think you should start with the blue of noon by georges bataille. the story of the eye is always a good fallback option though
  3. Marquis De Sade should be on here Also, Jaques Lackan (I'm proud of my hilarious and original joke)
  4. A team that does not read david mcclean in 1 is a failure to the policy debate community Critiques Suck McClean, 01 – Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Molloy College, New York(David E., “The Cultural Left and the Limits of Social Hope,” Presented at the 2001 Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, www.american-philosophy.org/archives/past_conference_programs/pc2001/Discussion%20papers/david_mcclean.htm, JMP) Yet for some reason, at least partially explicated in Richard Rorty's Achieving Our Country, a book that I think is long overdue, leftist critics continue to cite and refer to the eccentric and often a priori ruminations of people like those just mentioned, and a litany of others including Derrida, Deleuze, Lyotard, Jameson, and Lacan, who are to me hugely moreirrelevant than Habermas in their narrative attempts to suggest policy prescriptions (when they actually do suggest them) aimed at curing the ills of homelessness, poverty, market greed, national belligerence and racism. I would like to suggest that it is time for American social critics who are enamored with this group, those who actually want to be relevant, to recognize that they have a disease, and a disease regarding which I myself must remember to stay faithful to my own twelve step program of recovery. The disease is the need for elaborate theoretical "remedies" wrapped in neological and multi-syllabic jargon. These elaborate theoretical remedies are more "interesting," to be sure, than the pragmatically settled questions about what shape democracy should take in various contexts, or whether private property should be protected by the state, or regarding our basic human nature (described, if not defined (heaven forbid!), in such statements as "We don't like to starve" and "We like to speak our minds without fear of death" and "We like to keep our children safe from poverty"). As Rorty puts it, "When one of today's academic leftists says that some topic has been 'inadequately theorized,' you can be pretty certain that he or she is going to drag in either philosophy of language, or Lacanian psychoanalysis, or some neo-Marxist version of economic determinism. . . . These futile attempts to philosophize one's way into political relevance are a symptom of what happens when a Left retreats from activism and adopts a spectatorial approach to the problems of its country. Disengagement from practice produces theoretical hallucinations"(italics mine).(1) Or as John Dewey put it in his The Need for a Recovery of Philosophy, "I believe that philosophy in America will be lost between chewing a historical cud long since reduced to woody fiber, or an apologetics for lost causes, . . . . or a scholastic, schematic formalism, unless it can somehow bring to consciousness America's own needs and its own implicit principle of successful action." Those who suffer or have suffered from this disease Rorty refers to as the Cultural Left, which left is juxtaposed to the Political Left that Rorty prefers and prefers for good reason. Another attribute of the Cultural Left is that its members fancy themselves pure culture critics who view the successes of America and the West, rather than some of the barbarous methods for achieving those successes, as mostly evil, and who view anything like national pride as equally evil even when that pride is tempered with the knowledge and admission of the nation's shortcomings. In other words, the Cultural Left, in this country, too often dismiss American society as beyond reform and redemption. And Rorty correctly argues that this is a disastrous conclusion, i.e. disastrous for the Cultural Left. I think it may also be disastrous for our social hopes, as I will explain. Leftist American culture critics might put their considerable talents to better use if they bury some of their cynicism about America's social and political prospects and help forge public and political possibilities in a spirit of determination to, indeed, achieve our country - the country of Jefferson and King; the country of John Dewey and Malcom X; the country of Franklin Roosevelt and Bayard Rustin, and of the later George Wallace and the later Barry Goldwater. To invoke the words of King, and with reference to the American society, the time is always ripe to seize the opportunity to help create the "beloved community," one woven with the thread of agape into a conceptually single yet diverse tapestry that shoots for nothing less than a true intra-American cosmopolitan ethos, one wherein both same sex unions and faith-based initiatives will be able to be part of the same social reality, one wherein business interests and the university are not seen as belonging to two separate galaxies but as part of the same answer to the threat of social and ethical nihilism. We who fancy ourselves philosophers would do well to create from within ourselves and from within our ranks a new kind of public intellectual who has both a hungry theoretical mind and who is yet capable of seeing the need to move past high theory to other important questions that are less bedazzling and "interesting" but more important to the prospect of our flourishing - questions such as "How is it possible to develop a citizenry that cherishes a certain hexis, one which prizes the character of the Samaritan on the road to Jericho almost more than any other?" or "How can we square the political dogma that undergirds the fantasy of a missile defense system with the need to treat America as but one member in a community of nations under a "law of peoples?" The new public philosopher might seek to understand labor law and military and trade theory and doctrine as much as theories of surplus value; the logic of international markets and trade agreements as much as critiques of commodification, and the politics of complexity as much as the politics of power (all of which can still be done from our arm chairs.) This means going down deep into the guts of our quotidian social institutions, into the grimy pragmatic details where intellectuals are loathe to dwell but where the officers and bureaucrats of those institutions take difficult and often unpleasant, imperfect decisions that affect other peoples' lives, and it means making honest attempts to truly understand how those institutions actually function in the actual world before howling for their overthrow commences. This might help keep us from being slapped down in debates by true policy pros who actually know what they are talking about but who lack awareness of the dogmatic assumptions from which they proceed, and who have not yet found a good reason to listen to jargon-riddled lectures from philosophers and culture critics with their snobish disrespect for the so-called "managerial class."
  5. Topicality has to be a reverse voter issue. It would be super dupes unfair if it wasn’t because of reciprocity. Since we’ve won the flow, vote aff. This is a gateway issue and necessarily comes before their impacts. It would be really unfair to vote neg because in actuality our affirmative was substantial enough for them to debate us. We are big, so vote aff.
  6. Order is case, Speed K, Punk Cp, T Substantial, Turing Test 1ar Bees.docx
  7. 1. Who is the honeymex corporation? 2. How fast do punk songs go? 3. Your L evidence is from a person who goes on tumblr every day, how are they qualified 4. You included a meme from memegenerator.net in your 2nc, will you defend the rhetoric of such memes which are produced by memegenerator? 5. In the 2nc you say us policy pros, but in cross examination, you said there was only one policy pro who would slap us down, david mcclean? Pick a side 6. If I win that my face is made insufficient by your sufficient level of insufficiency? then have i sufficiently, won that you are insufficiently sufficient? 7. If I had said pompadour do both, would that have been a voting issue? 8. Your zammit evidence cites Cromwell Varley, will you defend the use of Mr. Varley's rhetoric 9. Whats the hidden alt in the alt?
  8. You recieve a calfskin wallet for your birthday, what do you do? Tell me only the good things that come to mind when you think about your mother? You see a turtle in the desert, pick it up, and place it on its back. Its belly is burning in the hot sun, and you know it will die if you dont help, but you dont help, why is that micahw? 1st off Who is debateak, and why is he qualified? Did you spread this evidence? Did you not understand the 1ac? Whats more unfair, you not being able to understand me, or the millions of bees beeing stung by the honex corporation? Did you investigate this? How thoroughly did you investigate this? On a scale of 1 to 5. 2nd Off Is bee shrek test in the house a good anime? What is the impact to me failing my lit class? 3rd Off Are things not possible? Is chin jutting bad? CHOKE! How is this competitive, we never affirmed kevin garnett's chin? 4th Off How big are bees? How little are people? If given the chance, would you throw a brick at a small child? 5th Off What chess piece was the 1ac? What go pellet was the 1nc? Why is it ok to say the f word in a debate? Who is m8? Do m8's feelings not matter? 6th Off You read the political capital disadvantage? Why do nukes outweigh bees suffering? 7th Off Can bees run to the hills? Can bees run for their lives? Are bees white? 8th Off What is the tpp? How do we link to lacanian politics? What is PC? Do you mean the computer brand? What would a nuke war smell like? 9th Off How much do we need to specify? You read an agent counterplan? 10th Off How does throwing a tampon into a crowd effect bees? The honex corporation? Why is hegemony bad? What punk song does the counterplan play? 11th Off What is USFG? Do you fiat the usfg self punishing itself? Case Did the antonio evidence we read call players by racist slurs? What constitutes multi syllabic jargon? Who slaps me down? Why do they slap me down? Is this mutually exclusive with building golf courses on the moon?
  9. I'm ready for a fun and educational debate. Make the word limit whatever you want, we can assume I used the rest of my speech time to dance to here comes the sun New Hive City 1ac.docx
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