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  1. perm do the cp is a common perm made against process and agent cp's saying that the cp is a way the aff could be done, so we should just do the counterplan instead of the aff. as neg, you have to win that the cp is competetive and not doing the aff. you should also be making the argument that the permutation is severance, as the perm doesnt include their original aff. if youre running an advantage cp, you shouldnt have to worry about this. But if you face this perm, just say the cp is not doing the aff and the perm is severing out of the 1ac
  2. perm do both- links to the net benefit perm do cp- severance and say why the cp competes any other perm that does the aff links to the net benefit as well
  3. Your students should be prepared for cps, da's, and t and possibly some k's. No theory yet.
  4. RT @CNTraveler: These are the 20 most colorful cities in the world http://t.co/6fLXWuhcdc http://t.co/lAMuAJSCEH

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