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  1. Well it seems like you should be attacking their solvency on the Chinese portion of the plan. I'm not really sure why you would say that USFG won't do the plan/enforce the plan, considering they can just fiat USFG action.
  2. I've been looking into 1 or 2 week skill camps(no lectures, practice debates all day). What I've seen so far is that Wake offers one, there's DDIx, and then there's UTNIF skills Opinions on these camps?
  3. Has anybody have experience with SDI 2/3 week? Also which 1 week intensive is the best?
  4. I find it odd that you have time to read cards in the 1ar... I suggest you do the whole speech off the flow, you should have your hands full just doing the LBL in 5 minutes. It's also way easier to do LBL off the flow
  5. Like what Samkash said, but probably pick which you want to win. A warming impact won't win timeframe obviously, but it could win magnitude and probablility
  6. It's pretty easy to find updates. Just set google to in the past 2 days or something
  7. No need, I just wanted to see if there were backfiles on this.
  8. Ok I shouldve made this more clear. I'm talking about education solves econ/extinction. Not a topicality impact.
  9. Nah just generic impacts to decreased education
  10. Bump. Anybody have impacts to lack of education?
  11. Yeah i find it hard to type 3 letters into google also
  12. EyeOfSauron


    What are some anthro impacts/advantages that I can nab and put in my policy aff? I'm not too well versed in anthro lit
  13. Teams will for sure call you out for "using the oppression of the black community to win debates, not to actually solve the problem". Also you being asian you probably haven't felt the negative bias on the black community. That's what I would say at least. But you should definitlely cut it for the sake of being more literate, and maybe someone on your team could benefit from it.
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