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  1. Sometimes it feels as if there is too much evidence the other side reads and nuanced positions they take, and it gets too hard to read through all of it, indict the parts we can indict, and not just resort to prewritten blocks. For example, a 1ar can extend 2ac arguments on a disad without really addressing answers to that argument, or without comparing warrants and evidence quality, etc., or we debate case, but don't answer the aff's answer to case answers, etc. How can we process more information using less prep time? I'm looking for things like flowing methods that capture the nuance of the other side's argument but also don't waste time writing stuff down, or ways to write down answers to argument that allow for sufficient articulation but don't take a long to time to prepare, or drills.
  2. Wow, thank you! Is there a second half to the first link?
  3. Need to learn how 2 go for security, some1 please post high-level round
  4. debait

    1nc vs k aff

    You might be better off with the argument that "we don't have to disagree with the aff, vote neg on presumption, we haven't said anything yet" instead, which is like the same thing but doesn't preclude reading your other strategies.
  5. dude i'll trade you an alphabet spec file.
  6. CCP = Chinese Communist Party PRC = People's Republic of China.
  7. debait


    Just made a case neg to this. "China's full cooperation on UN sanctions against North Korea" - Didn't the UN Security council already unanimously vote on these sanctions? Also, THAAD could secure allies more than North Korea sanctions.
  8. What are some good policy debate books to own, what have helped you the most?
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