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  1. Ditto on Hendrickson GS. I hit them in the camp tournament at UTNIF and I was vastly impressed with them. I want to see them senior year, they will be powerhouses.
  2. What about some back practices you think judges get into that I should avoid? I mean I know my own personal experiences, but I don't think I've ever experienced a good bad judge, if that make sense? Usually, whenever I feel as though I've been cheated out of a round, it is because the person in the back is lay (even though there is still something I know I could do to change the outcome), but I've never experienced a judge in the back who knows what they are doing, but still gives a bad RFD.
  3. After dropping in octo-finals at UIL state, the last tournament I have for my career is Nats, but after that, the only way I would be involved in the debate community is via judging and coaching. My largest fear, however, is that I end up being a sub-par judge. in terms of progressive debate, I enjoy kritiks and listen to them, however it is vastly difficult for me to understand what the actual aff does in round, as well as obscure kritiks. I don't want to be a bad judge, but I want to judge a lot, so what do you think the best way to become a better judge rather than debater is?
  4. This article is extremely helpful. Thanks a lot.
  5. I just recently switched from a macbook pro to a Dell XPS, and I find it much better. My biggest reason for staying with the mac was that it just looks better than windows. It seems more sleek than Dell, however I have ran into problems with my mac (granted, mostly because there are a decent amount of restrictions on my macbook due to it being a school computer), but I've found that the Dell XPS is much cleaner, faster, and its very easy to use especially if you are proficient with windows. The XPS is also much more light and slim, so it doesn't take up as much room on the tabletote and it is lighter to carry around.
  6. Do you know any articles where I could start with it?
  7. Yooo what death grips song was it? That sounds really dope - and you should definitely check the song out - I'm not that great at writing K's but if you are I bet you could write up this aff
  8. Would you mind explaining your confusion? I just don't really know how music works in terms of debate ya know?
  9. I don't know much about playing music and how it relates to your position besides at bare minimum, the song you're playing is interpreted as reifying the ideology you are attempting to promote in the aff (but I mean that is bare minimum) so I was thinking, if you wrote a Marx aff and played snippets of the song Vicarious by Tool it could work out, considering a lot of the lyrics from the song can easily be interpreted as descriptions of cap "Vicariously I live while the world dies" "I need to watch things die from a safe distance" "Part Vampire Part Warrior" Could this work or am I delusional?
  10. Kochi and Ordan - the two kids who are always outside trying to find bugs, or constantly in the science room watching the fish move around
  11. I just got a new computer withword 16 and after installing verbatim on a document that has verbatim attached I am unable to two finger scroll down on the document. Anyone else have this problem/anyone know how to fix it?
  12. Thanks a lot. Do you have any other tips to keep in mind whilst writing this aff?
  13. Thanks for the article as well, and I do think it is strategic, I just want to get better at K debate, and understand the intricacies of K affs better, considering I will only get to go to two progressive tournaments, one being TFA state. Do you think I should start my research by attempting to answer the questions and using it as a guide to move on to research?
  14. WHO ARE YOU?!? And besides your insight in my nickname, do you think I should find another piece of evidence that talks about exillic spaces?
  15. Do you have any recommendations on an author I could start with that?
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