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  1. Here us the 2ar thanks for a great debate. 2AR Plan Flaws v. Rnivium.docx
  2. I am so sorry to everyone involved about the punctuality of this 1ar. I have just arived home from camp on saturday. but anyway here is what you all are wanting instead of reading about why I am Late so here you go!!! 1AR vs Rnivium VDebate.docx
  3. What is the thesis of this AFF why do you have to read this on the Aff why does this not work as a kritik how do you help to solve for optimism how does this aff solve for the how do you solve for the academy How do you solve for the trans Rage what is your solvency mechanism where does your solvency come from What is exceptionalism What is overkill and how does it affect the worlds population Why should one not adhere to the resolution why is the resolution bad why is rage good why is rage key Why are rights important why is passivity bad and why should we reject it why are trans gatherings important why should we reject trans phobia
  4. Fallow Up: On July 18 you commented that "I'm pretty sure war is the most topical form of engagement." do you still stand behind this belief? Https://www.cross-x.com/60382-Cool-new-affirmative
  5. · Why is grammer so important? · Why jis using an apostrosphe wrong a voter? · Why is captilization so Important? · Why should we prefer the Chicago manyal of style card, when it states nothing about having to capitialize the F or G in the Federa. Government? · Why do we Need a counter Interp when we say Topicality is bad? · How is the demand text not the topical version of the Aff? · How much bullshit are you pulling saying that grammar hurts fairness and education?
  6. Sorry for the delay we had camp tourney today and I had to prep other files. Open t CX when I did Word count it was fine but my computer is on the fritz so tell me if you with for me to cut it down. 2AC Nuke.docx
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