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  1. 1. who on hell is bataille-- what does bataille argue and how are those arguments used in debate? 2. what lit can i read from bataille? 3. advice for running bataille k's?
  2. i want to get into actually reading k lit (especially decol/settler colonialism) and i'm not sure where to start. PDFs would be really helpful!!
  3. I'm thinking of making it an advocacy. Also yes. I'm only making it for the laughs/memes lmao
  4. Disclaimer: my intention is not to destroy the debate community! I love debate a lot. I'm only cutting this aff for fun and joke rounds. I apologize in advance if I offend anybody with the creation of this affirmative. I'm cutting a Bee Movie 1AC and I'm planning on making it an anti-cap affirmative (because there's a lot of people out there that says that the Bee Movie is Marxist). However, I feel like there's a few problems with it. 1. It's not really engagement with China. 2. I don't really have a solvency advocate/mech. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas/pieces of ev for this aff's solvency mech (other pieces of ev are welcome, too!). I was thinking of an end-the-world mechanism, but I'm not too sure. Thank you in advance!!
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