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  1. Sweet - might be more questions. 2NC will be up Sunday at the earliest - state this weekend!
  2. CX: T: "Not only did he run specific CPs, he also ran a DA right after he claimed he lost ground on DAs." This is a line from the 2AC. You go on to read theory against the CPs and delink the disad (and I guess that's voting issue?) Can you give me some arguments that are negative ground under your topicality interp, while meeting your standards about PICs and (generic) DAs? DA: Why does delinking a DA earn you an affirmative ballot? What is this theory nonsense at the bottom? Should you have to defend the merits of unconditional engagement with China? PICs bad: Why is there unfair time skew on PICs? What comes first: education or fairness? Solvency: Do you read ev that says that China will say yes to the plan? Do you change Chinese law?
  3. I think my word count is messing up or struggling to add up the converted file. Looks fine to me tho - if it works I'll let you know, or someone else can give a word count
  4. Is your verbatim messing up? If you post the 2AC I can give you the highlighted word count and someone can confirm - if over, you can cut some or I can reciprocate in the block
  5. 1NC Order is 4 off, case Word count is 2368 Open for CX 1NC v Peyton.docx
  6. alright the 1nc will be up tonight or tomorrow morning
  7. Why does China not know what Chinese citizens want and why would one diplomat fix that? What policy differences exist between the US and China that make it so the US doesn't stigmatize the sexuality of disabled individuals?
  8. CX What government action occurs as a result of the second half of the plan? The plan sends one diplomat to China - correct? Are there currently any US diplomats provided to the "Legislative Affairs Office of the National People’s Congress"? Can you give me examples of the policies that your inherency evidence talks about? What is the cultural stigma surrounding sexuality and disabled individuals in China? Is the status quo in China making progress in this regard? Do current US policies stigmatize the sexuality of disabled individuals? Do you have an impairment? might be more edit: +1 question
  9. excited for this debate - reading through the 1ac and cx will be up later today
  10. looks like a MO party in here - I'll judge too if that is okay with everyone involved similar paradigm as above - as tab as possible, do weighing, and I'm probably less familiar with K lit so just explain everything well if that's what you like to do
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