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  1. jj7687


    i already cut that...
  2. jj7687


    dood those are not cards
  3. I think he means a Biopower k
  4. How does conditionality and unconditionality in cps work exactly? What makes a cp conditional or unconditional?
  5. ya Nietzsche is pretty crazy but this is just more of Bernie's trolling
  6. how do I run a wifi theory properly? I hear it can help you win rounds easily. I have a copy and im not sure what to to say in cross examination. WiFi Theory.docx
  7. can you post the disads so people can tell you how good or bad they are?
  8. jj7687

    new aff

    im dropping this aff, I showed a varsity member and he just trashed on me
  9. basically, saying the plan is bad and the alt is nihilistic pov
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