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  1. The best way to come up with a solid alt is just to pick up a few books/articles and read through them. Even if you don't cut cards from them, using cards from a similar field will be a lot easier if you understand the material. Cutting your own alt can also throw the aff off their feet if it has a twist to it that they aren't anticipating.
  2. Check out Giroux, he has a lot of free articles around the internet.
  3. Does anyone know when openevidence will be going up? Is there a certain time every year?
  4. Thumpers are great AFF args against a politics DA. Basically, the premise is that some current event trigger the link of the DA. In a normal Agenda Politics DA (Some bill pass now, plan is unpopular, causes fights), a Thumper would be any current bill that is already causing fights in Congress. For example, right now any Agenda Politics DA would probably be thumped by all of the sit ins and fights over gun violence. In Elections DAs, a Thumper would be something that already shifts the election in one direction or another. For example, if the arg is that Clinton will win in squo, but plan causes Trump to win, then the AFF could argue that Brexit will already cause Trump to win the election and therefore it THUMPS the DA.
  5. "You don't curtail enough" args and insane links of omission
  6. Wow. I'm sorry. I had no idea I came across like that.
  7. Alright 2AC here. Sorry for delay but programming exams... lol Open for CX 2AC v. DonaldTrump.docx
  8. It is a lot of hours of instruction at a time where your skill would otherwise be getting rusty. Also, meeting and debating people who aren't from you team/circuit can expose you to new arguments and make you a more well-rounded debater.
  9. CX: 1. What are necropolitics? 2. Is the law ever good? 3. What is suicide bombing and how does it solve case? 4. What is a US person? 5. Does Ericson and Haggerty suggest that gov surveillance should never be curtailed? There may be some follow-ups NOTE: Sorry, but I have exams next week so I'll respond to stuff w/in 24 hours but I'll be studying so I might not be able to respond instantly. 2AC will be posted tomorrow.
  10. I will, again only defend identity in the context of the aff as how indigenous peoples conceptualize themselves. . I can not speak for other uses of the term outside the context of the aff.
  11. so Analytics are uncarded arguments you can make up on the spot. Alt causes, solvency deficits, etc.
  12. Indigenous Identity in the context of the aff is how indigenous people view themselves think of themselves. Lesser than what? a normal person? If so, what defines a normal person? Lesser than themselves and other people/animals/things that they view as being just as valuable as themselves Cool. What precedent does the plan set the prevents this eurocentric colonization? In other words, what measures does the plan take to ensure that manifest destiny doesn't manifest? The plan tries to assauge one impact of the grand scheme of colonialism. We don't need to win solvency for all structures oppressive to indigenous peoples (If that's what you're asking, if not I'll try to clarify)
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