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  1. Catec01

    Anthro impact

    Please attach the best possible card for a terminal impact of anthro. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do you guys think that a Mexican Drug Cartel Aff would be a good way to go?
  3. I plan on running an anthro aff. Any suggestions?
  4. Catec01


    When people have large multiprong framework evidence in LD, what do they usually consist of and what purpose do they serve?
  5. Catec01


    So I am a second year debater that is getting into the high level LD, and I am just confused on how the people who run the very policy type arguments find the literature for there non statistic or empirical analysis. Where do you get all these weird authors that say all these random things?? Also, what is a good place to start to read to get really into reading philosophy?
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