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  1. Could you share these? or the link to the discord
  2. heres the 1nc word count is 2300 even 1nc odt round 2.docx
  3. why vote aff? your mader and butrymowicz card talks about how individuals with disabilities are more likely to be arrested but why is that because of current court interpretations and what court interpretations cause that? does the aff abolish IDEA or just change how we view it? how do these tests work to determine who is deemed eligible to be in the classroom? why is the supreme court key? what curriculum shifts occur because of the plan?
  4. hey sorry i have been super busy with school ill do cross x within the hour
  5. it appears rolandD is going to be a drop from the tournament.
  6. im fine with continuing the debate if you are, 2ac will be up in the morning
  7. i got my stats to work and it shows that the word count is 3754
  8. t how do we not meet your interp considering in cx I said that I defend the implementation of a UDL? what additional ground does your interp give you? how is the aff extra t? ballot k how is the 1ac a call for a ballot? does the k believe that a UDL is bad? whats the link to the implementation of a udl? whats the alternative do? im confused about the link turn? can you explain it... wilderson k whats the link? what does the alt do? can the alt solve the aff? case how is the aff a "deconstructing of categories of difference?" your indictment of queer theory is a criticism of not taking material action, if a UDL is material how do we link? is there a single warrrant to the cohen 72 card?
  9. Thank you Yeah I’ll post cx after you are able to cut it down
  10. Yeah my word count isn’t working but this definently seems over time, I have a lot of homework but cx and 2ac in the morning as long as the word count is good
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