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  1. do yall mind if i judge? if yall are okay with if if one of yall could pm me when the debate is over thatd be great
  2. you can cut an aff about human trafficking, theres some really disturbing stories about the horrors of human trafficking that are quite emotionally powerful
  3. Best team: kinkaid br Squad: westwood Coach: yao yao chen Aff: hendrickson pw Neg: kinkaid br or lindale dt Prettiest speaker: im very pretty Fastest: idk Most annoying: hae seong lee /s Best 1A: sabrina bajwa Best 2A: mason mariott voss Best 1N: Haaris Siddiqi Best 2N: elan wilson Most likely to do well next year: highland park CM Judge: chris leonardi Underrated team: grapevine PM Best K debater: Elan Wilson PTX debater: Ezra Serrins T debater: nick pereda Most likely NDT champ: elan wilson Nicest debater: ritik goyal Best Evidence: LASA Best argument: t must be qpq Worst argument: t cant be qpq Best K: cap or the nordin security shit Best Policy Aff: taiwan or climate coop Best K Aff: Hendrickson PW's kun lun nu Best excuse for losing: "we conceded cause we didnt want to debate PW" Best tournament for hanging out: Churchill Best human being (debater): brian liao Best human being (coach): sohin guatam
  4. are you implying there is something bad about 1 off cap as a strategy?
  5. do you have a link to the particular arctic council aff? like the 1ac or the wiki page its on
  6. Besides death or some generic/misapplied security cards I don't have a good strategy for affs with disease impacts, what do yall reccomend? i normally read things like security or other reps Ks, but also some Nietzsche, so preferably something kind of in that realm.
  7. if a third person is also willing to judge i would like to judge as well, if thats alright with yall
  8. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/11/09/national/politics-diplomacy/trump-policy-asia-remain-unknown-japan/#.WCPK3forKds this article basically just says that no one has any idea, or at least japan has no idea and thats what matters. it probably functions as a good "consult now key" card
  9. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/11/09/national/politics-diplomacy/trump-policy-asia-remain-unknown-japan/#.WCPK3forKds this could probably be a good "consult now uniquely key" card
  10. yeah i like this strat, its all stuff that could be a decent 2nr vs this aff and has lots of options i think you could have either gone for the DA instead of the CP and case instead of the K, that would have given you enough time to also go for t increase too probably. or you could have just gone for case instead of the CP, i dont love the cp i think its kinda sketchy in terms of only being able to have one opf these every 4 years but also solving right now, you might be right that thats totally a thing that could happen, but it seems kinda contrived. But i think the block strategy was fine, and the 2nr was definitely the right choice
  11. feel free to ask questions, this is my first time actually judging a debate, and id love to be questioned
  12. I vote negative. I think the aff doesnt meet and there are several impacts to that including unpredictable, tiny affs that explode the research burden, dont have ground, and obfuscate the meaning of engagement. I evaluate the plan text in a vacuum, because while that is new 2nr framing, its 1. my default as a judge, 2. the only framing ive been given, and 3. its been the nature of the violation throughout the debate. The affirmative does perhaps have negotiations happen, but the plan text still has the US agree to a seta regardless. reasonability is kinda weird in the 2ar because there isnt a counter interp, and all reasonability is is a framing mechanism that says "our counterinterp solves a reasonable portion of their offence", and you have no interp to solve any offence. No voters is a silly argument, every time theyre telling me why their interp is better is an implication of voting aff.
  13. lamarjenkins

    Good K's

    the state department trade off K with a track 2 alt but seriously Pan links to a lot of affs, and the blend of security and orientalism it offers allows you incredible flexibility for turning the affs offence and having plenty of external impacts
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