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  1. not too big on hartman but i can build off of this and tell you about wilderson. afropessimist literature argues that blackness is ontological. blackness isn't just being black-- it is a (non)positionality. the middle passage created this (non)positionality, where the slave ship rendered africans black. being african is not the same as being black. i would argue that being african still retains natality to the homeland while being black means being natally alienated (one of the pillars of social death). there is a distinction with a difference. blackness is written on flesh-- the physical being-- and on the body-- the being. from this, wilderson argues that black people are not human. they occupy the positionality of nonpositionality-- the ontology of nonontology. black people are the structural antagonism to the entirety of society. identity, and by extension humanity, is constructed in opposition to them. in addition, wilderson argues that two structural antagonisms-- or oppositions that structure society-- created the status quo ("modernity writ large"). the first is black violence, based off of the structure of the master and the slave. the second is "red" violence, based off of the structure of the settler and "savage" (this is how wilderson explains it-- he uses these exact words so pls dont kill me). wilderson argues that, given these two structural antagonisms, modernity cannot exist or continue without genocide and slavery. the constant, ongoing erasure, genocide, and settling of native land, and the constant, ongoing labor and creation of the slave (chattel slavery might be "over" but it sure as hell is replicated within the modern prison system). idk if any of this makes sense so feel free to ask questions bc i can't form a coherent sentence. also read red, white, and black (the free pdf should be floating around somewhere but if you need it i can dm it)!! i recommend reading the introduction to see if that answers your question better than i can. edit: idk what you mean by empathy but you might be talking about the ruse of analogy/chain of equivalence. this concept argues that comparing violences to antiblack violence (or comparing something to blackness) renders blackness fungible. that is, to "thingify" it. it simplifies hundreds of years of antiblack violence, something that structures and undergirds modernity, to something that can be compared. antiblackness is incomparable to other forms of violence. antiblack violence is antiblack violence. so therefore empathy (i don't know hartman very well so i'm interpreting empathy as being able to place yourself in other people's shoes) creates a chain of equivalence to blackness. people cannot and should not empathize with antiblack violence if they have not experienced it firsthand as a black person.
  2. https://sites.google.com/site/umichdebate2018/home Nietzsche- Michigan K Lab 2018.docx
  3. so i'm thinking of getting into semiocap this year but i have no concrete idea about what it talks about. i have the pdf for precarious rhapsody but i want to know what i'm getting into before i get into it lol thanks!!
  4. utnif is asylums, eb5's, and no borders Starter Packs.zip
  5. note and videos are preferable but im ok with an explanation!
  6. here u go! edit: i dont know how to use technology Wilderson- Red, White, and Black.pdf
  7. if there are several short analytics to a certain argument on the flow, i usually try to leave enough space to subpoint them like this: 1. x arg 2. y arg 3. z arg i use letters, too. the picture im attaching doesn't show the subpoints, but it does show a more clean version of one of my flows (they get messy): http://imgur.com/a/DeOqx? (this isn't a SUPER GOOD flow, but it's simple. pm me if u want to see my Big Flows where i actually write overview stuff. i suck at speaking on the fly, so i usually end up writing like 80% of what i say) what i usually do is try to write in invisible squares or rectangles that fit the amount of space i left- if what im writing overflows on that square, i usually write on the next column. this usually happens when i'm writing extensions edit: also sorry if my handwriting sucks lol
  8. i flow so that it's "visually pleasing" (my team loves my flowing? idk why) but idk thats a me thing i usually place the title of the flow in the top center and put about an inch and a half or two between each argument. i also like to use brackets to group arguments and arrows to extend things also next to each argument, i draw a line with an arrow through it so it looks like this: [argument] | [argument] | |-> |-> (author) (date)| (author) (date)| i flow in two different colors (usually red and black unless im feelin {{{edgy}}}) and use one sheet of paper each for every offcase and advantage/aff part. i write pretty small because i use .5 pens, so i can fit more into the flow. (unpopular opinion: they write faster and look neater) (i'll prob edit this later to insert a picture of one of my good flows-- i'm at school rn and all of my flows are at home lol)
  9. cheerin for my bois from prosper even if they don't win
  10. i ran an asian fem hypersexualization aff with a genealogy solvency mech (but it can be a policy aff under the right circumstances u just have to switch out a few pieces of ev) for a good part of this year idk if thats what ur looking for
  11. help me raise money for camp and buy stuff from me on redbubble! https://www.redbubble.com/people/cygnu-s?asc=u

  12. what are y'all planning to do for it? i have a few aff ideas, but i've done very little research on the topic. edit: yikes i accidentally made two threads??
  13. what are y'all planning to do for it? i have a few aff ideas, but i've done very little research on the topic
  14. i put the "L" in "Wylie"

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