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  1. 1. Open up a doc with the verbatim toolbar already attached. 2. In the toolbar, click on the Settings Menu (very last button on the right side of the toolbar, icon is 3 gears.) 3. Click on "Verbatim Settings" 4. Go to the "Admin" tab 5. Under "Tools," click "Setup Wizard" 6. When you get to "Step 2 - Configure", check the two boxes, "Add Shortcut to Normal template" and "Run Verbatim in Always On Mode". I've also noticed that when you completely close out and open up word, you have to do this again.. But I've never been able to keep the verbatim setting saved for previous versions either.
  2. The new verbatim that's compatible with Word 2016. The toolbar is now an Add-In and I can't attach verbatim to pre-existing docs (ie. backfiles, others' speech docs, etc.) I can make my own document with the verbatim template and it'll work just fine. But neither an Add-In tab nor an option to verbatimize a document exists. I've tried Tools>Templates and Add-Ins>and attaching the template but that doesn't work. I'm just wanting the toolbar to show up. Does someone have any knowledge they would like to share? Would be greatly appreciated.
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