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  1. The perm double bind: "I'm going to clean my room anyhow so I might as well shit on the floor first"
  2. I don't appreciate your ableist trivialization of visual disabilities
  3. Ah, I do love the smell of nazis in the morning
  4. Order will be speed K, Punk CP, Case, Ks bad theory, Burdens theory Open for CX 2nc vs bees.docx
  5. Alright Case What's bee school like? Vivid detail pls. 1st off You put in the citation for your first card "<3 Chaos from cross-x.com" -- will you defend the implications of this? Your Dehn evidence is from a book and your Mao evidence says that books are bad -- doesn't this mean that you're not genuine? You tagged one perm "perm do do pufo" -- what does it mean to "do do" something? 2nd off How are plans masks? Do you print them out and tape them to your face? Your couterinterp is from a certified true policy pro, yet you renounce the McClean card -- how do you resolve this internal contradiction? 4th off You say reciprocity is good -- doesn't that mean that if the aff wins the neg should win too because it's reciprocal? 5th off If you vote aff to vote neg but the neg is a pic and pics are the aff wouldn't you vote aff to vote neg to vote aff to vote neg? 7th off how do you feel using a theory file from LD debate? New sheet 1 why is the singularity bad? New sheet 2 wtf does this mean
  6. Sorry it didn't send right the first time1nc vs. bees.docx
  7. word limit should be 2000 for constructive, 1200 for rebuttals Some questions, there may be follow ups 1. If you were to read this in an actual debate round, would you have spread it? 2. Will you defend the actions of kevin garnett? 3. Will you defend the "known laws of aviation"? 4. Your poem talks about male bees calling female bees "hot." What about all the gay bees? Why weren't they included? 5. Your Long card talks about modernism and neomodernism -- are we talking about a lacanian conception of these terms, or in a more batailleist sense? 6. When has the USFG done anything good for bees? 7. Your Antonio card talks about "puppet play". Will you defend that all puppet play is bad? All puppets? What about puppet bees"
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