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  1. Settlerism is a good one to run against antiblackness affs.
  2. Its all good yall i just need some plan generic ones doesnt matter what it was but thanks anyways
  3. Does any one have any supreme court solvency cards especially in regard to states ill send u some nice cards as a trade just send those in the first message cause i need those asap
  4. When season starts you should record your rounds (with other teams permission of course) and see where u messed up or what you could've done better
  5. find a pair to debate via skype or google hangout thats what i did
  6. does anyone have this file plzzz pm me
  7. ZakAli


    The only ethical demand is one that calls for the end of crossx.com crossx.com represents a conflict within the paradigm of Debaters but refuses to challenge the foundational antagonism of Evazon that produces the violence that undergirds the that same paradigm
  8. If anyone wants this k's masterfile or a white philosophy k pm me
  9. "The State" by Dr.gene ray Great article on time cube If you read this you'll never lose a debate round
  10. use Black indians K or redness and for sure youll get W also
  11. anybody got their 2016 list now.
  12. How is naudl champs gonna be is the question
  13. ZakAli

    Anthro Kritik

    Run anthro when the other team has an economic benefit as one of their advantages because priortizing economy is anthropocentric
  14. late but you were So close to a perfect pun
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