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  1. They didn't qualify, is live streaming the TOC
  2. I'm pretty sure TOC breaks to Octos- my predictions (in no order) 1. Blake SW 2. Little Rock WW 3. Rowland Hall GL 4. East Kentwood BO 5. Westminster CK 6. Westminster DH 7. Peninsula TW 8. Highland BD 9. GBS RS 10. GBN JT 11. Niles West GG 12. McDonough JN 13.New Trier BK 14. Walter Payton BC 15. St. Marks KP 16. SVDP HM Who has a really good chance of breaking imo: 1. Skyline HL 2. Centennial LP 3. BCC YE 4. Uprep CM 5. Law Magnet JG 6. Blake NW 7. Greenhill KS 8. Alpharetta KK 9. CK McClatchy HN 10. BCC DI 11. Whitney Young BF All personal opinion though, a lot of the teams this years has been great! I mainly took into account amount of tournaments/bids and personal knowledge of the teams.
  3. Yeah Walter Payton but it's Lenny and some Sophomore I think
  4. Does anyone have a queerness file with blocks? Have tons to trade. Please pm me
  5. its Membe's extension of Agamben's Homo Sacer
  6. Who's all going? And what round is the bid?
  7. That's is going to be the year for good policy debate
  8. Anyone have this file for trade?
  9. Anyone have a pharamacopornography k, cards, or a file for trade? I have a lot to trade for it
  10. Anyone have an afrofuturism file (not from the transportation topic) and/or an undercommons file? Or just a ton of Moten evidence? i have alot to trade! PM me please
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