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  1. -Spreading (to a point where it's not understandable) -Outlandish Ks
  2. Did this last year, doing it again- what won't you guys miss from this topic? My personal favorites: -A case about loaning pandas from China -A case about turning "jellyfish goo" into solar panels (Yes- they legitimately said "goo" in a round) -The Japan DA (Just due to limited an unrealistic links) -A fundamental misunderstanding of Chinese politics and culture -Affs claiming to solve for human rights with limited links
  3. I guess that's where the Multiple Worlds Theory could come in to play, if you're into that kind of thing (I'm not but some are). Of course, you could always do something like that too, but if you lose on one you're likely to lose on the other as well. Ks and CPs are dangerous when run together, tread carefully.
  4. Could you please cut cards on: -Warming affects agriculture -Clean energy is good for the economy -Impacts to good econ Thank you you're my favorite person ever
  5. 1. Prove that somehow the plan and the K are connected, and that if you don't vote for the K it makes the impacts of the aff worse 2. You can kick the alt and run a non-comparative K (last resort) 3. Explain that if the judge votes for the K, it will become a widely accepted policy action, thus in the future plans that fall under the wrong paradigm will not be passed, thus stopping the premise.
  6. Oh, okay. Sorry, that's how I was taught but thank you for clearing that up
  7. I saw this in another section of the forum and just had to do it... add your own! CODIS (most untopical aff ever) 3rd party doctrine Privacy K Circumvention
  8. Sure. There are way too many perms for me to talk about, but these are the basic ones: 1. Perm do both- This means that you will do both the plan and CP/K at the same time, but you have to prove that the CP/K is not mutually exclusive 2. Perm do plan first- This means that you will pass the aff plan, then do the CP/K. They usually shouldn't be mutually exclusive, and the only reason you should do this perm is if it will truly achieve a better result than the perm do both. 3. Perm do CP/K first- Like the one above, except the other way around. Again, the only reason you should do this perm is if it will truly achieve a better result than the perm do both. 4. Perm do plan only- Usually used for PICs, it means the aff recognizes that the CP is valid but is going to stick to their original plan (because you can't do the same plan or a plan like it twice). You'll really have to attack the CP for this one, though. Not valid for Ks 5. Perm do CP only- Also used for PICs, but the aff decides to go with the CP instead of the plan. If you do this one, you really have to explain why and be prepared for abuse theory (because it's honestly cheating). Also not valid for Ks Hope this helps!
  9. If that's the case I'd still be prepared for topicality, but you should be fine if you can defend yourself against that
  10. I don't know much about the K, I never used it and my captain last year made it. I believe she cut most of the files herself. It was for last year's topic but there might be something good in there? I'll look over it and see if there's anything you'd be interested in. And I don't ask for anything in return so don't worry -Edit- So I just texted her to ask about the K and she didn't cut it herself, it was an OpenEv K. Very sorry for that
  11. Okay, it's not done quite yet but I'll have it done soon and I'll pm it to you
  12. I have a pan k and I can give you a card that says most Americans are in favor of a better relationship with China, let me know if you're interested -Edit- I'm also working on a master T file
  13. I actually have a card on the decoy theory which words it a little better than the Wikipedia page. You can message me if you want it​
  14. Oh, thank you, I never knew that before and I apologize for the inaccuracy.
  15. These links should help you: ​ webpages.johnprager.net/IPD/Chapter14.htm debate.uvm.edu/NFL/cxkbennett0496.pdf cross-x.com/topic/27340-kritik-help
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