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  1. How do you standardize highlighting on Verbatim so that everything highlighted shows up as one specific color?
  2. How do you standardize highlighting on Verbatim so that everything highlighted shows up as one specific color?
  3. I already have cards for that I do believe. PM me and I'll get them to you.
  4. I was wondering how you all deal with missing camp after it's done.

  6. What? I really like circumvention. It was honestly p true but I do agree it was hard to against when aff. My list: ICE T-Bulk Intel/ T-NSA Terror DA almost every round Data K
  7. Yeah, but it's still not policy.
  8. Yeah if you want. It's a little abusive in that it's international fiat. But it is answerable: Stuff like good for neg flex, real world, better model, and role-playing good. Also stuff that the neg's job is to disprove the aff, and it doesn't really matter how the neg gets there.
  9. Brev

    Spreading help

    Cause they're a troll. Edit: Grammar
  10. Lol, yeah here you go: link
  11. Brev

    Spark - Fully Loaded

    Lower price to free?
  12. It's up to you honestly. It really depends on how the debate is going. I think about 10-30 seconds is good if you aren't getting blown-out, and a minute if you are. I have done once where I've done a full five minutes, but that's only because they dropped it. Be smart and think what will be the correct/appropriate amount of time to give it.
  13. Yo where's Ankur? Member Since 20 Oct 1999
  14. It's really just the definition of "scenario": an imagined or projected sequence of events, especially any of several detailed plans or possibilities. For example impact scenario would be the events leading up to a specific impact. I suppose you could say alt scenario, but I've never heard it been said.
  15. Eh... I'm not saying I've had it, but cats and dogs probably taste similar to meat that many people consume regularly. I'm not saying it would taste good, but it would be edible for sure. Also, people keep pigs, cows, and chickens as pets, and they taste amazing. Edit: Wording
  16. Bumb to keep this thread alive for people to post when camp files go up.
  17. Brev

    Spreading help

    What do you mean by anywhere else?
  18. You are talking to a dead thread. Check the dates before you post, I mean this thread is more than a year old. Edit: Grammar
  19. It is Brookfield Zoo actually.
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