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  1. Why is Steele Musgrove judging octas at state though.
  2. Can you explain this to me? I understand why "retard" would be ablest because it was originally used to describe the mentally impaired. But to my understanding, "stupid" is used to insult basically everyone and has no specific history relating to the disabled. Why is "asinine" used as a PC synonym to "stupid" when its definition is literally "extremely stupid or foolish"?
  3. But uncomfortability is what we are discussing. We aren't really talking about the mechanics of the round, or who should have won the flow- we're talking about whether Rutgers strategy was ethical or an effective liberation strategy. White uncomfortability is central to any defense of the method Rutgers employs, that's what everyone on this thread is debating. The 2nr doesn't really matter for the purpose of assessing whether what Rutgers did was right or not.
  4. This debate centers on the question of comfortability. I think Rutgers is right about white uncomfortability being good, but doesn't achieve it. Have you ever debated an afropessimism or performance team that really makes you feel? Like, when you argue framework, they just make you feel stupid for it in crossx, embarrassed, foolish for even pretending that debate could EVER be a neutral contestation around the topic. That's part of what Wilderson argues, unsettling white folk by implicating their whiteness-- making them feel guilty, unsettled, and uncomfortable BECAUSE of their position of privilege. Rutgers doesn't do that. Rutgers strategy of roasting is just insults that make Georgetown feel bad. Not arguments or even insults that make them feel bad because they are privileged, but just insults. This is not productive, it's just being needlessly mean, and it also in some ways disrespects things black debaters experience. To my understanding, the harassment of black debaters implicates their very ontology -- they feel what they feel because they are black. Rutgers fail because they don't upset the ontology of whiteness, they just make Georgetown as individuals feel like shit.
  5. Benny is bobby your partner during the year or just at camp?
  6. Nice to see fellow roach! Some more schools... South Eugene LS Meadows BN Westminister DH others off the top of my head, none quite as good as LASA or MBA though. To schools who opensource: Thank you so much please continue it really does help.
  7. Mich 4wk worth it? Or utnif skills? Want to get better at K.
  8. Adidas06

    K affs

    PICS can be great against K affs. Think of unique ones with cool nb, but that are still legit. K's are always good, just know yours better than they know their aff. T is good to check totally un-T affs. Win a TVA and you'll be good to go
  9. Well for consult/conditions, the idea is that the CP is competing with the certainty of the plan. The neg might read a card saying "should" = certain- a consultation/condition means the plan's implementation isn't certain. Perm do the CP severs out of certainty.
  10. Certain lines of reasoning make me question id ptx in debate i.e. "I'm one 16th Cherokee, I know the native struggle and should be able to read red pessimism." Sometimes I feel like running these args becomes a quest to be seen as a blackened body, to showcase your scars. I feel like the question, "I'm asian/hispanic/something, am I black enough to run wilderson?" is a harmful line of thought. Not saying discussion over identity isn't important or valuable, just questioning it in debate.
  11. Shirt from a couple years ago: "Flow like Biggie, write like Pac."
  12. Have y'all noticed that the healthcare affs from DDI don't download? Is this just for these files or are there more? Anybody have links/access to these files?
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