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  1. This might be what your looking for... Economic Security Alt.doc
  2. flyingjakob


    The title exactly. What does Berlant say and what are some effective answers to it? Not sure if this thread exists, but I couldn't find anything so yeah. Thanks in advance.
  3. You can find all the speech docs till the 1AR on ndtscout(dot)com edit* my b. I thought this said finals. Not sure how true it is for semis...
  4. Which one is better? I will be entering as a junior and am wondering which one is more competitive. I am from a really small school with little resources, but, as corny as it sounds, trying to get a bid.
  5. Ive been seeing this more and more, by I'm not sure about the general thesis of this K is. Can somebody give me a general overview of the K, authors who write about it, and what some good AFF answers are? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I have a few questions about things that I found kind of confusing while reading Red, White, and Black. 1. What is Natal Alienation? 2. General Dishonor? 3. Dereliction? 4. The alternative of an unflinching paradigmatic analysis? 5. The alternative that says to burn it down – Farley? 6. The Ruse of Analogy? 7. What it means to be ontologically black and what social death is? 8. Objective and Subjective Vertigo?* Thanks in advance cuz I unloaded a shit ton of questions!
  7. Could you give your opinion on the best strategy to answer Nietzsche then?
  8. I don't think so. I think that budget ptx, currency reform, and ex-im will be much more precedent than HTF
  9. I cut this AFF at camp with my lab. Couple things you can say... 1. The cyber advantage impact is based off of a cyber attack on government infrastructure, but backdoors only exist on public companies/businesses. 2. Any of your generic DA's like politics and terror will apply. There's this five eyes DA around and BULLRUN links very hard. 3. Circumvention, there are other programs that do the same thing as BULLRUN like Xkeyscore, if they say they solve you can probably just go for extra T. 4. Just read the internet freedom cards and you'll know that they really don't solve. Unless they changed the cards, but no way does the plan solve democracy. *edit* I guess that was more than a couple things lol
  10. I know that there was a thread for advantage counterplans already, but I didn't really follow the reasons why a perm doesn't solve and am still confused. Thought that I might make a new thread so that we could go more in-depth on this specifically. Sorry, about making a new thread, but it's kind of urgent.
  11. Hiya, the title exactly. What is this argument, what are 2NR's for this K like, and what are common answers to AFF answers? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, my partner and I recently went our first national varsity tournament at Wake Forest. We went 4-2, but were unable to break because of low speaker points. How do we become like those debaters who consistently break at national tournaments especially just coming out of JV? Thanks in adv.
  13. What's the plantext to these affs?
  14. The AFF essentially just gets rid of the borders
  15. Hiya, I'm cutting a border surveillance AFF and am wondering what types of advantages there are other than the obvious cartels and economy advantages. I'm thinking about the possibility of a drones advantage, but would love to hear your thoughts.
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