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  1. I think there's some statistics in the sems NPTE round Lewis and Clark was in 2014 in the 1AC
  2. Hey there! I'm one of the few hundred people who got waitlisted at Cal Invitational. I was thinking for those of you who were still going to be in the area or on campus, it might be fun to do some rounds in areas on campus. After all, debate is more about education and learning than anything else, right? Let me know if any of you would like to debate!
  3. I am so so grateful for everyone's feedback-- thank y'all so much!!
  4. as a point of clarification, I was referring to the term, "you guys," not the term "humyn." But thank you both!
  5. Hi everyone! Recently there has been a huge ongoing argument on my team about using gender neutral language and being politically correct. As for myself, being as inclusive as possible(especially in the debate space) is very important to me. My team completely disagrees with this and doesn't regard discourse as important, which has become a really hostile environment. I wanted to get opinions from debaters who have argued discourse K's, or have debated against them-- especially those who take it into their everyday lives. Thanks!
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