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  1. All you gotta do is put your fist in your mouth and say 'apple'
  2. Say the words nuclear and war
  3. You beat the shit out of your partner and scream "YOU SEE THIS SHIT JUDGE, THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT"
  4. Do the hockie pockie and turn yourself around, that's what its all about
  5. DebateSux


    I've debated for 3 years (going into senior year of high school rn) and i just got a new partner who asked me after a round why I didn't flow. I didn't know what he was talking about so I asked him and he explained what "flowing is". I've placed first at 6 tournaments in my state so who the duck does the lil freak think he is talkin shit on how I take notes in debate. He said that it is important to flow rounds so you can keep track of your opponents arguments but what is the point of that when I can make them respond to my arguments. I am no longer this kids partner or friend and I ding dong ditched the shit out of his house for him insulting me. Flowing is dumb and I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise to try and convince me otherwise.
  6. Some lil poser just talked shit on my aff by running what he called a "Disad". Wtf is a disad?
  7. I prefer to drop the argument and hope the judge didn't flow it.
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