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  1. What's the most efficient and effective way to cut politics updates? What sites do you all use? What methods do you all use? etc? Thanks!
  2. I'm interested in going aff on the surveillance topic - I'd prefer a policy debate
  3. I think most of the improvements you need to make have already been stated, however, you need a card or something that says the "war on drugs fails now" or that "drugs are inevitable" These cards will allow you to frame the debate and fundamentally non-unique their offense (ie if they say drugs bad, you say drugs inev and there's only a risk the aff makes the current situation better)
  4. Thanks! Would you mind posting the "Eyago 5" card?
  5. Hey all, I've been very interested in the application of a heg da against K Affs and I have a couple questions 1. What is the link? Rejection of the state? Etc? What should happen on the link debate? 2. Cx questions to ask? 3. How should the 1nc be structured? Thanks!
  6. Hey all, The new version of verbatim that is compatible with Word 2016 on Mac attaches the verbatim toolbar as an Add-In and I can't attach verbatim to any documents that other people have made. There isn't a verbatimize option and adding the template to the document through tools, templates and add ins, and attaching the template doesn't work either All I wish for is to have the verbatim toolbar to show up - does anyone know how to fix this? I've already looked through other threads and so far there isn't a fix that actually works for me -- any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I'll judge... My paradigm is simple, no plan no win. I'm just kidding, but if you want me to judge I will
  8. I'm afraid I can only be of help to the first question: Bare life, a term coined by Georgio Agamben, is life that can be killed without consequence. An example of this would be something like Guantanamo Bay where we, as citizens, don't hear about anything that goes on there and prisoners can essentially be killed without a) anyone knowing without any consequence. Biopower relates to bare life because it exercises the sovereign's (government's) right to kill or power at the level of life.
  9. Really? You've started like two other vdebates...are we finishing this or not?
  10. Space Col doesn't outweigh

  11. So I'm going to assume that you forfeit this round considering that you've started other vDebates...
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