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  1. It is worth it, but you need to reframe your point of view. As someone who has spent five years in thid activity, I’ve seen folks become obsessed and consumed by debate- and to be honest, it’s a very ugly thing. Losses and failure make it all seem pointless and the black hole of cards, literature, and travel takes away from friends, family, school, and other hobbies. I am by no means telling you to stop- what I am saying is that, if you are truly planning on dedicating your high school career to succeeding, these negative emotions will be supercharged as well. I was very dissapointed in my performances as a freshman and sophomore but I poured a lot of time and effort into practice, camps, reading, and making files. Was it worth it? Some of it yes, some definitely not. I hope you sort out these feelings because if debate is making you feel depressed, then the activity is failing you, you are not failing the activity. Pm me if you want more actual advice or personal support
  2. Actually im trying to focus on settlerism, maybe this will help- it doesnt mean this has to be a 'mini debate' but im trying to be narrow for future debates 1 off 1nc whackpoesis.docx
  3. Ah this is actually what I was expecting lmao What's the impact? The Scullio evidence seems to say that we shouldn't focus so much on how the ban actually gets lifted and we should ask questions later- how does that ensure the Makah can materially access their whaling traditions? Status quo ethnocentrism like "save a whale, kill an indian" seems to be rooted in a cosmological misunderstanding of the Makah- how does passing a plan resolve that internalized racism? D'Costa says that allowing the makah to whale is an appropriate way to redress the harms of colonialism- is colonialism over after we pass the plan? A lot of your discourse and solvency arguments seem to stem from like a cross-cultural encounter; how do you guarantee that people leave the room or website truly respecting the Makah's connection with the ocean? Let's say you end up defending that a material reform is signed- what guarantees white colonizers honor those laws? When has decolonization ever been successful via reformism?
  4. That could be pretty interesting- I'm down- i figure it'll be pretty AFF biased, so i can sacrifice myself and go neg if people want
  5. Lmao this was a local tourney and we set them on fire right before entering finals cause we'd knocked out an A team the night before. We left to enter our round and apparently tons of smoke accumulated. We began a 2ac and the fire alarms started blaring. We had to evacuate for 2 hours while they tried to find the source. We were eventually cleared to go back in but as we started the round again the alarms went off.. AGAIN. Not to mention this round was hell. Scifi vs irony. The evacuation was better than debating at the time and i dont think our opponents minded lol
  6. Biggest life lesson for debate- NEVER BURN FLOWS. In the middle of a tourney, my partner and I set flows ablaze in a bathoom stall and it set off a fire alarm. Don't be like us. Save your flows. Review them. Learn. Don't delay a tournament 2 hours cause a fire alarm goes off due to your weird rituals/celebrations.
  7. Oh damn my partner told me nine my b. Thanks for info
  8. What do yall think the likelihood we get a judge out of the 18 thatd be down for a planless, nontrad aff? First time at nats and we havent read an aff with a plan in a looong time Edit- obviously we have a backup- just curious
  9. How does a legal ivory trade make drone strikes worse? How was Trump's agenda enabled by inclusion when he actively pursued exclusionary practices like the travel ban? How does a grassroots movement generate a legal ivory trade when China is banning it? Your answer to the link turn is that the AFF is "empirically done violently"- gimme some empirics of how legalization of ivory has been violent? How are we westernization if we also critique the USfg's complacency in poaching as the 2nd biggest market? Ohenewah critiuqes "correct political systems" but if those systems aren't corrected how does life get better for activist groups? How did the Zaptistas create change? Was the government involved? You say externalizing agency is bad- why arent you also guilty as you tokenize activist groups that are external to debate? If activism causes the government to change, is that good thru the lens of the alt?
  10. Boko haram attacking the US with whatever weapons really
  11. Can't seem to find this ev- anyone wanna try and hook me up? Thanks!
  12. 2ac Inherency, solvency, biod, terror, poverty, the k 2ac vs lawsonhudson.docx
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