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  1. Since we are in a novice part of the forums, may you explain why I said that Hayek and Keynes are different people is wrong? What was wrong with me saying neoliberalism is a vague term? When you group it with everyone under capitalism, the term becomes meaningless. Obviously if anyone looks at Hayek and Keynes, they are have many different philosophical view on a bunch of levels. Just because they happen to be pro-market doesn't mean that people should associate them with them. It's as idiotic (trigger term) as referring to all economists of the monetary school as "Chicago boys". Debate should be in depth, not breath. Or else we will truely never learn. It's like saying that Meo and Trotsky are essentially the same since they have leftist views.
  2. You guys are getting it wrong. It's crony capitalism; where corporate business and Government actions merge.
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