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  1. XD oh wow, I seriously love the stuff you all have posted here. I asked a question about spreading and it turned into a feminism debate! The irony is, I don't even use the word 'pussy' in speech, I just used it here to sound like I hate people who don't spread (like your stereotypical macho, sexist teenage boy who posts on online forums). I'm actually working on a speed bad kritik myself, but made this post to see how spreaders defended the practice. I mean, I had a feeling the 'improves memory' and 'faster thinking' were total b.s., but I just wanted to confirm this. Though I wasn't able to--from how off-topic you people got, but that serves me right for creating a fake account and probably violating the terms of use here. Thanks to Roboyle for the k! --"Manny"
  2. Any why doesn't it? It's an insult when you call someone male genitalia and it's an insult when you call someone female genitalia. Just out of curiosity, do you all argue with people and hold them to such a standard in real life when they use these insults? Or just on the internet?
  3. I'm saying that gendered insults go both ways, and FINE I'll never use that word again. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't use the word stupid.
  4. Yeah, sorry I said 'pussys', I guess it wasn't appropriate. But in my defense, it would still be an insult if I called someone a 'dick', wouldn't it?
  5. Hi, my friends and I are doing some debate work over the summer and we found out about an arg another team from our district plans to run this season. These pussys are too stupid to learn how to spread, so next year they're gonna make a 'speed bad' kritik. My team and I know about the benefits of spreading (it improves memory, helps you think faster etc) but I've had a hard time finding any articles or studies to back me up. I don't need any completed evidence, but can someone point me to some sources that show the benefits of spreading? My coach told me about some studies last year but I forgot to ask for them. Thanks! --Manny
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