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  1. One nation, under *government forcing christianity upon us*, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thoughts?
  2. no! what i am saying is hilary loses and the self describes socialist that is bernie sanders wins. so therfore the socialism is the impact. we need links that makes it to where the plan causes bernie to win.
  3. I am cutting a Bernie Sanders election da and im trying to think of links to how bernie sanders could win. i have already thought of drones and racism as a link and that is the only one i have. also would this work as a performance solvency deficit?
  4. I was thinking of an Avenue Q performance neg against Race aff. Could I sing everyones a little bit racist and prove that everyone is a little bit racist and therefore the aff doesn't matter. Would it also function as a performance solvency deficit?
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